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Tom Howes DG Energy European Commission PowerPoint Presentation
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Tom Howes DG Energy European Commission

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Tom Howes DG Energy European Commission - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tom Howes DG Energy European Commission. EU energy policy update. Renewables Directive: mandatory targets, national plans grid rules… ETS, reflecting a carbon price to achieve the cap. National (non ETS) emissions reductions strategies and measures

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Presentation Transcript

Tom Howes

DG Energy

European Commission

EU energy policy update

the european energy strategy what s already on the table
Renewables Directive: mandatory targets, national plans grid rules…

ETS, reflecting a carbon price to achieve the cap.

National (non ETS) emissions reductions strategies and measures

3rd package: unbundling, harmonised grid operation rules, network codes etc.

TEN-E priorities and project support

Infrastructure package: CEF proposal, planning reforms

Smart grids

Energy Efficiency Measures (including ESCOs)

SET plan/R&D/CCS

Institutionally: ENTSOs, ACER, CEER…

Development of the longer term framework: 2050, 2030…

The European energy strategy: what's already on the table?

2050 Energy Roadmap: Renewable Energy as "no regrets option"











The share of RES achieves at least 55% in gross final energy consumption in 2050, up 45 percentage points from today's level at around 10%.


Share of renewable energy (% of total energy use)

2009 performance

2020 national target


Source: European Commission


Shorter term developments; learning from others


policy approach

Financial support

Administrative procedures

Grid integration of electricity from renewable energy sources

Market integration

Renewables in Heating and Cooling

Renewables in transport


Regional and international dimensions

Technology development


Creating the single market:

Regional markets are slowly coming together…

The bigger the balancing areas, the easier it is to integrate wind and solar power


With a fully functioning single market, we can better integrate renwables – reducing the patchwork, reducing/phasing out support, ensuring fair equal treatment.


Grid connection,

Grid operation

Grid development:

Barriers are still significant

(Final report:

Grid connection

Grid operation

Grid development


Overall: non-cost barriers to developing renewable energy (2010)

Final report:

empowering consumers
Empowering Consumers
  • Full opening of retail markets to ensure full consumer choice
  • More widespread use of micro-generation
  • "smartening" of energy system to enable demand response
  • reduced dependence on grid electricity/suppliers
  • Enhanced public acceptance for renewable energy projects

Significant efforts and financial means have gone into energy fundingSET plan sets priorities, seven European Industrial InitiativesNeed to add new priorities: ocean technologies, renewable energy integration (incl. storage), advanced materials and manufacturing for RES technologiesNext Multi-Annual Financial Framework (2014-2020) proposals prioritise "green" energy funding:- Cohesion funding to allocate some €17 billion to energy efficiency and renewable energy (doubling current allocations)- Horizon 2020: €6.5 billion is to be allocated to research and innovation in "Secure, clean and efficient energy"

Driving technology innovation


Renewable energy policy post-2020: business as usual is not an option

  • Three policy options analysed to fill the gap:
  • Decarbonisation without renewable energy targets post-2020
  • Binding national renewable energy targets post-2020 and coordinated support
  • EU renewable energy target and harmonised measures

Impact Assessment explores effectiveness of different options at addressing key policy objectives

Source: European Commission |

next steps
Next steps
  • Guidance on support scheme reform
  • Guidance on the use of the cooperation mechanisms
  • Measures to facilitate trade in renewable energy in the Mediterranean
  • Forthcoming communication on Internal Energy Market to discuss electricity market arrangements
  • 2013 Communication on energy technology
  • Reports/proposals to further develop the EU's sustainability framework
  • Progress towards preparing proposals for a post-2020 renewable policy energy regime

Readiness for market integration: are the regulatory & competition conditions right for exposing renewable energy producers to market risk? (premiums, quotas)