7 perencanaan karir dan penilaian kinerja l.
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7.PERENCANAAN KARIR DAN PENILAIAN KINERJA. Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Padjadjaran Bandung 2004. The Objectives. Advise someone about the major points in career planning Describe how HR department encourage and assist career Identify the major advantages of career planning

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7 perencanaan karir dan penilaian kinerja


Fakultas Ekonomi

Universitas Padjadjaran



the objectives
The Objectives
  • Advise someone about the major points in career planning
  • Describe how HR department encourage and assist career
  • Identify the major advantages of career planning
  • Explain the relationship between career planning and career development
  • Explain the uses of performance appraisals
  • Describe commonly used appraisal methods
istilah istilah dalam perencanaan karir
Istilah-istilah dalam perencanaan karir
  • Career. A career is all the jobs that are held during one’s working life
  • Career path. A career path is the sequential pattern of jobs that forms one’s career
  • Career goals. Career goals are the future positions one strives to reach as part of a career. These goals serve as benchmarks along one’s career path.
  • Career planning. Career planning is the process by which one selects career goals and the path to those goals
  • Career development. Career development consists of the personal improvements one undertakes to achieve a personal career plan

Source : Wherther & Davis

perencanaan karir dan kebutuhan karyawan
Perencanaan karir dan kebutuhan karyawan
  • Career equity. Employees want equity in the promotion system with respect to opportunities for career advancement
  • Supervisory concern. Employees want their supervisors to play an active role in career development and provide timely feedback on performance
  • Awareness of opportunities. Employees want knowledge of opportunities for career advancement
  • Employment interest. Employees need different amounts of information and have different degrees of interest in career advancement, depending on a variety factors
  • Career satisfaction. Employees, depending on their age and occupation, have different levels of career satisfaction

Source : Wherther & Davis

manfaat perencanaan karir
Manfaat perencanaan karir
  • Aligns strategy and internal staffing requirements
  • Develop promotable employees
  • Facilitates international placement
  • Assist with workforce diversity
  • Lowers turnover
  • Taps employee potential
  • Further personal growth
  • Reduce hoarding
  • Satisfies employee needs
  • Assist affirmative action plans

Source : Wherther & Davis

pengelolaan karir
Pengelolaan karir
  • Organization focusing on individuals
    • Organizational entry
    • Mentoring
    • Early career: The impact of the first job
  • Organization focusing on their own maintenance and growth
    • Internal staffing decision:
      • Promotions
      • Demotions
      • Transfer and relocations
      • Layoffs, retirements and resignations

Source : Cascio

pengembangan karir
Pengembangan karir
  • Pengembangan karir oleh individu :
    • Job performance
    • Exposure
    • Networking
    • Resignations
    • Organizational loyalty
    • Mentors and sponsors
    • Key subordinates
    • Growth opportunities
    • International experience
  • Pengembangan karir dengan dukungan Dept.SDM :
    • Management support
    • Feedback

Source : Wherther & Davis

pilihan dan preferensi karir
Pilihan dan preferensi karir
  • Holland vocational preferences


  • The schein anchors

Technical-functional competence,managerial competence,security-stability,creatifity, and autonomy-independence)

  • Jung and the Myers-Briggs Typologies

(Extrovert & introvert, sensing & intuitive)

Source : De Cenzo & Robbins

kegunaan dari penilaian kinerja
Kegunaan dari penilaian kinerja
  • Performance improvement
  • Compensation adjustment
  • Placement decisions
  • Training and development needs
  • Career planning and development
  • Staffing process deficiencies
  • Informational inaccuracies
  • Job-design errors
  • Equal employment opportunity
  • External challenges
  • Feedback to human resources

Source : Wherther & Davis

elemen dari penilaian kinerja
Elemen dari penilaian kinerja
  • Performance standards

Performance standards serve as benchmarks against which performance is measured

  • Performance measures
    • Objective measures

Objective performance measures are indications of job performance that are verifiable by others and are usually quantitative.

    • Subjective measures

Subjective performance measures are ratings that are based on the personal standards or opinions of those doing the evaluation and are not verifiable by others.

Source : Wherther & Davis

tantangan dalam penilaian kinerja
Tantangan dalam penilaian kinerja
  • Legal Constraints
  • Rater biases
    • The halo effect
    • The error of central tendency
    • Leniency and strictness bias
    • Cross-cultural biases
    • Personal Prejudice
    • The regency effect

Source : Wherther & Davis

metode penilaian post oriented
Metode penilaian : Post-oriented
  • Rating scales
  • Checklists
  • Forced choice method
  • Critical incident method
  • Accomplishment records
  • Behaviorally anchored rating scales
  • Field review method
  • Performance tests and observations
  • Comparative evaluation approaches

Source : Wherther & Davis

metode penilaian future oriented
Metode Penilaian : Future-oriented
  • Self appraisals
  • Management by objectives
  • Psychological appraisal
  • Assessment centers

Source : Wherther & Davis

implikasi dari proses penilaian kinerja
Implikasi dari proses penilaian kinerja

A successful performance appraisal system requires more than good technique. It depends on a consistent approach for comparability of results, clear standards and measures, and bias-free ratings. The implications of the process are:

  • Training raters and evaluators
  • Evaluation Interviews

Evaluation interviews are performance review sessions that give employees essential feedback about their past performance or future potential.

Source : Wherther & Davis

effective performance management system
Effective Performance Management System

Requirements of effective Appraisal systems:

  • Relevance
  • Sensitivity
  • Reliability
  • Acceptability
  • Practicality

Source : Cascio