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Text Editing in MS Word 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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Text Editing in MS Word 2010

Text Editing in MS Word 2010

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Text Editing in MS Word 2010

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  1. Text Editingin MS Word 2010 Tutorial: by David Butler

  2. We’ve started up MS Word and we’re now ready to type and practice our word-processing skills. This always begins with text-editing, whether you’ve typed it in or not. But first, check with your tutor to see if you have access to a Word document called “TextEditors.doc” in a folder called “Samples.” If you haven’t got it (or you’re doing this at home) then skip the next step and copy-type out the text that’s shown on page 4. It’s good practice either way.

  3. Step 1: Click on the “File” tab and choose “Open”, then navigate to the “Samples” folder in “My Documents” and open “TextEditors.doc” Left click

  4. It should look something like this: For those who do not have the sample file, or have skipped Step 1, you will need to type-copy this page’s text before you can continue…

  5. Because we’ll be using this block of text again for later tutorials (and to save you from looking for it later) we’ll work on a copy instead. Step 2:Click on the File tab and choose “Save as..”In the directory column of the dialog box, open and click on “My Documents”, then create a New Folder as shown, renaming it with your own name. Press [Enter] twice to get inside your new folder.Finally, rename the file as shown below, calling it “TextEditors-Editing”. X2 Left click

  6. Now let’s do some real text editing. We’ll start by entering more text in strategic places. Step 3: Click or move the cursor to the end of the heading “Text Editors”, then press [Enter]. Type in the subheading “Key Punching” and press [Enter] again . Do the same at the beginning of the 2nd paragraph: Click or move the cursor to the end of the 1st paragraph, after the word “….records.”, then press [Enter]. Type in the subheading “Line Editing” and press [Enter] again .

  7. Now lets move things around a bit. But before you can do any of that, you need to select (highlight) the text you need to move. Step 4: Click-and-drag down the left margin of the 1st paragraph, including the subheading, then release. Left click & drag A Key Rule, by the way: Whether you are typing, editing or formatting, the changes always happens where the blinking cursor is Or whatever you have selected, as above. So even if you hit one key by accident at this stage, all your selection is over-written.

  8. Step 5: Place the mouse-pointer somewhere in your selection, then click-and-drag it down to the beginning of the 3rd paragraph. Note that a broken vertical line follows you down to the target spot. Do not release the mouse until that broken line is positioned in front of the word “When…” Then save your work! (File tab & choose “Save”) Left click & drag