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I Spy 5M 2013

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I Spy 5M 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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I Spy 5M 2013

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  1. I Spy 5M 2013 Photo-Collage Rhyming Riddles

  2. Mason I spy a green ball, a sharpener, a 23, A Samuel Adams, a half of a ball, an alligator, and a battery. I spy a dart, a letter n, a screw, A pen, a coin, a paperclip, and a square that is blue.

  3. Alexia Fisher’s amazing I-Spy Poem!! I spy the 16th president, a magnet, and five dollars, A horseshoe, Roosevelt, a piece of led, and a Cadillac that’s hers. I spy a trapezoid, the number 1, a tiger A yellow square, a bar code, 10 dollars, and a eraser.

  4. Jacob I spy a nickel, a compass, a pencil, A pencil sharpener, a lollipop, a screw, and flag for Brazil. I spy a paper clip, a Butterfinger, a pancake, A tootsie roll, a domo, an orange crayon, and a book of bake

  5. Ryan I spy a card, a turtle, a box, A pencil, a penny, a hoop, and socks. I spy a marker cap, an r, a puck, An eraser, staples, a paperclip, and a duck

  6. Jocelyn I spy a toothpick, a card, a kitten, A checker, a candy heart , an elastic, and a mitten I spy a grip, a holder, a stencil, A binder clip, a suction cup, a paper clip, and a pencil

  7. Karoline I spy a pencil, a candle, a ball, A bottle cap, a shell, an egg, and a shark tooth that’s small I spy a laptop, a paperclip, a spring, A dime, a pair of sunglasses, and a pair of wings

  8. Kaylin I spy a head band, a mustache, a hair elastic, A candy cane, a pair of glasses, and a piece of plastic. I spy a bracelet , a heart, a rag A tic-tac, an earring, a pair of teeth, and a bag.

  9. Avery I spy a dog, a block, a star, A pen, a penny a key, and a car. I spy a pencil, a marker, a bear, A Smurf, a bracelet, a necklace, and hair.

  10. Jaime I spy a rubber band, a bracelet, a clip, a chain, a bunny, a slinky, and a paper with a rip I spy a popsicle stick, an egg, a ring, a top, a pencil, a bottle of white out, and a poppy thing

  11. Sydney I spy a piece of gum, a dog, a car, A gown, a dolphin, a magazine, and a star. I spy a doll, a dress, a duck, A marker, a shoe, a crayon, and a buck.

  12. Austin I spy a bowling pin, a pen, a net, A koala bear, a chicken, a bunny, and a pet. I spy a battery, a paper clip, a call, A led container, a grippy, a pencil, and a ball.

  13. Mackenzie I spy a clay pencil, a pair of eyes, Polly pocket. A pink flower, a blue flower, a horse, and a tiny locket. I spy a sticker, a car, a bouncy ball, a yellow dress, 4 wheels, a doll’s purse, and a little doll.

  14. Kai I spy a red block, a king, a shoe, A skateboard, an eraser, a flute, and a number 2. I spy a silver coin, an elastic, a ring, A dollar, a flash drive, wheels, and a butterfly’s wing.

  15. Alexis I spy chap stick, a pen , an army man and bug spray. An airplane, an eraser, a flashlight, and a penny to pay. A stand , a paper clip, a band aid, a Nerf dart . Staples , and spray that’s too tart .

  16. Emily I spy a cat, a card, a sharpener, A crayon, a magnet, a die, and a highlighter. I spy a spatula, an elastic, a spiky, An eraser, a pencil, a triangle, and a penny.

  17. Caitlyn I Spy a Pandora bead, a purple domo, a ring A pencil, a sharpener, an eraser, and a piece of string. I Spy 2 earrings, a snowflake, a usb drive A little horse . 3 silver paper clips, a RED paper clip, and a little bee hive.

  18. Joshua I spy a pencil, a soldier, and a soccer ball, A net, a staple remover, a rope, and a ping pong ball. I spy an eagle, the number one, a flash-drive, A hat, a bowling pin, a small yellow ball, and a green army man taking a dive.

  19. Abby Tracz I spy Thor, some cheese, and a chain, Two piggies, a marker, and Thomas the train. I spy a heart, a fan, 4 sticks, A king, an “A”, a cap, and a hen that will soon have some chicks.

  20. Grace I spy a glue stick, some whiteout, a keychain of keys, A quarter, clip, an ornament, and glasses to see. I spy a blue bowl, an eraser, a sharpie, Chapstick, candy, a pencil, and a stick that is green