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Significant People of the Civil War

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Significant People of the Civil War - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Significant People of the Civil War. Union Side (North). Abraham Lincoln. President of the United States Main goal was to preserve the Union Member of the Republican Party- which had an anti-slavery platform. First president to be assassinated . Ulysses S. Grant. Chief Union general

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abraham lincoln
Abraham Lincoln

President of the United States

Main goal was to preserve the Union

Member of the Republican Party- which had an anti-slavery platform.

First president to be assassinated

ulysses s grant
Ulysses S. Grant

Chief Union general

By September 1861 he was promoted to general.

After a series of victories, including the capture of Vicksburg, Lincoln gave him command of the Union army.

He created an overall plan concentrated on Sherman’s march through Georgia and his own assault on the Confederate army in Virginia.

Grant accepted Lee’s surrender in 1865, at Appomattox Court House ending the war.

william carney
William Carney

Carney was the first African American to receive the Medal of Honor, which is the nation's highest military honor

Sergeant William Harvey Carney, a member of the 54th Massachusetts Colored Infantry, was awarded the medal for his bravery on July 18, 1863, during the Union assault on Fort Wagner.

Carney was wounded there while planting the U.S. flag and refused to retreat until he had removed it, even as he was shot again.

movie glory
Movie: Glory

We will hopefully be watching this sometime after STAAR! 

Movie Trailer:

philip bazaar
Philip Bazaar

Born in Chile, South America

Navy seaman in Union navy on the U.S.S.

Santiago de Cuba, Jan. 1865

Won the Medal of Honor for service

jefferson davis
Jefferson Davis

President of the Confederate States of America

Strong supporter of secession and states rights

Attended West Point

U.S. General in the Mexican War

From Mississippi

robert e lee
Robert E. Lee

Commanding Confederate general of all forces

When the South seceded, Lincoln offered Lee the command of Union forces but Lee refused, resigned from the U.S. Army, and returned to Virginia to serve with the Confederate forces.

In 1862 Lee was appointed to command the Army of Northern Virginia.

His battle strategies are admired to this day, but he was criticized for having a narrow strategy centered on his native Virginia.

He surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Courthouse in 1865.

stonewall jackson
Stonewall Jackson

Confederate General

Got nickname “Stonewall” at First Battle of Bull Run

Gifted tactical commander lead his troops at the Battles of Bull Run and Antietam

Wounded in left arm by friendly fire after a battle. Arm was amputated. He died a week later.