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From Welfare State to Civil Society (1) PowerPoint Presentation
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From Welfare State to Civil Society (1)

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From Welfare State to Civil Society (1) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Social Innovation: The new Buzz Word for supporting Youth in connecting Education and the Labor Market?. From Welfare State to Civil Society (1). Context Long lasting recession  budget cuts Stacking of effects affecting citizens, e.g. impoverishment

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Social Innovation: The new Buzz Word for supporting Youth in connecting Education and the Labor Market?
from welfare state to civil society 1
From Welfare State toCivil Society (1)


  • Long lasting recession  budget cuts
  • Stacking of effects affecting citizens, e.g. impoverishment
  • Population ageing  increase in elderly care
  • Unemployment, incl. combating youth unemployment
  • Increase in sense of own responsibility & active participation
from welfare state to civil society 11
Different roles for

Citizens: participation,empowerment, self-organisation,care for one another

Government: from doing to directing,multi level governance, partnership, co-production, co-creation

Institutions in the social field: partnership, networking

From Welfare State toCivil Society (1)
3 decentralisation processes 1
3 DecentralisationProcesses (1)

Transfer of tasks and responsibilities from central to local government, with less budget…

Per 1 January 2015

  • Welfare and Care
  • Youth Care
  • Labor Market Participation
3 decentralisation processes 11
3 DecentralisationProcesses (1)

Urgency to cooperate in the region

  • With other citiesand municipalities
  • With partnersin the social field
Delft is workingtogetherwith:
  • Rijswijk, intensely (SSC CCC)
  • Haaglanden, ParticipationYouth Care
  • DWO, Welfare & Care

Delft’s Social Vision

Empowerment of individuals, joiningforces

Everybody is welcomeandwillreceive the sameopportunities

Delft is a goodcityforeducation, living andworking

Participation & Inclusion

An attractivesocialclimate & a solidstructure of community services


Social vision, social innovation

Safety net

Long-term loss of control

Tailor made services

Temporary loss of control

Active citizenship

Basic community services


Stimulate to participate


principles of delft s social innovation
Principles of Delft’s Social Innovation
  • Emphasis on prevention and pro-action to prevent deterioration
  • Focus on multi-problem situations
  • Demand driven & integrated approach: What is needed to address problems coherently? Looking for creative solutions within one’s personal environment
  • Frontline Steering: 1 family – 1 plan – 1 budget – 1 coach (multidisciplinary, in social teams)
  • Accomplishing this together with our partners in the social field
from education to the labor market
FromEducationtothe LaborMarket


  • Youth Office: One Stop Shop  which helps youngsters to go to school or have a work placement
  • Regional Signalling and Monitoring Office (RMC)
    • Compulsory school attendance until 18 years
    • Support to obtain a study qualification (minimum standard), 18-23 years
    • Social Assistance Act, 23-27 years: education or work placement
early school l eavers 1

Youngsters up to 23 years old who leave school without a qualification at high school level or at vocational training level

The Netherlands

some examples from delft
Someexamplesfrom Delft
  • Single parents/Teen mums
    • Support schemes to combine school & care / job & care
  • Action Plan Combating Youth Unemployment
    • Techniekpact: foster technology education at all school levels
  • Green jobs
    • Provide jobs related to sustainable energy and economy, maintenance of public spaces (ESF)

Youth Participation in Delft

‘welfare state’

‘civil society’

‘social innovation’

change of politician and politics

independent foundation (15-21 years old)

initiation by deputy mayor


100% voluntary

political and social

assignment to welfare organisation

ten projects


two projects

supporting other (groups of) youngsters


ups and downs





2012 Q3 and on


We took the European challenge to Delft

JouwDelft & Co.

  • 10 European cities (Delft, Chartres, Speyer, Roskilde, and others)
  • 4 youngsters and 1 policy advisor per city
  • Local politicians, social workers and youngsters
  • 65 participants
  • 6 days
  • November 2012

We came up with innovations

Just a handful of the advises

  • make internships more accessible to all students (higher and lower education)
  • stimulate companies to pay their interns just enough to be self-sufficient
  • make short internships available to let a student orientate on different jobs
  • support youngsters to start their own business by setting up incubators
  • incorporate entrepreneurship into the education system
  • communicate more with youngsters about all the different possibilities
  • focus on educating youngsters in English, other cultures and Europe
  • organize exchanges for students at a very young age to ensure their language skills, European mind-set, which ensures mobility on the job market

One of the innovations in practice

Youth Unemployment

‘enough’ jobs in the city of Delft

youngsters are lazy ‘couch potatoes’

10% job searching 90% Facebook


Work in YourDelft

Steps to social innovation within this project

  • Step 1: inform youngsters about local job openings through Facebook
  • Step 2: connect local businesses actively with youngsters looking for a job
  • Step 3: support youngsters in finding a ‘real’ job

Social Innovation!

Modern media don’t make it innovative

Taking the responsibility, that’s the innovation!


A new youth congress

Organised by youngsters from Holland

  • Youth Unemployment & Movement of youngsters to cities
  • November 2013
  • North of Holland
  • Max. 5 youngsters per delegation
  • Around 12 delegations
  • On-site costs covered and €50,- of the travel costs per person

Still looking for delegations…

thank you for your attention
Thankyouforyour attention!

Patrick van Geel, City of Delft,

Alwin Snel, JouwDelft,