how you can sell your vinyl records for cash n.
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How You can Sell Your Vinyl Records for Cash? PowerPoint Presentation
How You can Sell Your Vinyl Records for Cash?

How You can Sell Your Vinyl Records for Cash?

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  1. How You Can Sell Your Vinyl Records for Cash?

  2. #1 Vinyl Record Buyer in Ohio Cash for Records is a #1 vinyl record buyer that buys vinyl records collection that has been collecting dust either in your basement or music gallery. First You Need to Call Paul at Cash for Records who will tell you the overall process of selling your old vinyl records. They travel throughout Ohio and adjoining states Cleveland, Erie, Pittsburgh, Youngstown, Toledo, Columbus, Cincinnati and everywhere in between.

  3. How did it Began? Paul and His Family started Cash for Records over 20 years ago for the love of old vinyl records. As the times passed by, the business prospered and people all over Cleveland started clearing their attics and basements to find thick black records to get huge cash for them. Even though if you have stored those records in huge boxes that are hidden in the attic or down in the basement, Paul and the team at Cash For Records will do the heavy lifting. You just sit back, relax and count your cash.

  4. What They Buy ? Cash for Records is interested in buying • Blues collection • Treasured Soul and R&B 45s, 33s and 78s • Old Rock N' Roll vinyl albums • Jazz Vinyl record Collection.

  5. Should the Records be Cleaned? You don't need to clean your records before their team inspect them. They actually recommend against because if you are unfamiliar with the proper care of records, it could end up damaging them. They are committed to using the highest level of quality care and products when handling your records.

  6. How Much Your Records will be Worth? Prices are generally determined by the condition, artist and title of the record. It is really difficult to guess if the record is in very Good condition without actually inspecting the entire record itself. So give Paul a call today at 216-315-8216. Tell Cash for Recordswhat records you have and then you will able to set up an appointment.