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Gordon Rule Committee

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Gordon Rule Committee. Committee Members:

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gordon rule committee

Gordon Rule Committee

Committee Members:

John Adkins, Co-Chair; Amnel Molina, Co-Chair; Victor Calderin;; Mollie DeHart; Miriam Del Campo; Paola Documet; Rulx Jean-Bart; Walter Mackey; Pam Menke; Elaine Ludovici; Alan Lopez ; David McGuirk; Ninon Rodriguez; Emily Sendin; Peter Townsend; Adam Vellone

gordon rule committee summary
Gordon Rule Committee Summary
  • Highlights
    • Created a comprehensive format for opting in and opting out of the Gordon Rule designation
    • Reviewed ECO2013 for opting out and voted to not allow this course to be removed.
    • Put together a detailed questionnaire for faculty and received feedback
    • Outlined structures for support of Gordon Rule faculty and students
    • Consensus on formal recommendations
gordon rule committee summary3
Gordon Rule Committee Summary
  • Committee first met January 10, 2007.
    • Committee was charged with responsibilities
    • Selected Co-Chairs
    • Discussed Gordon Rule Writing Orientation Status
gordon rule committee summary4
Gordon Rule Committee Summary
  • February 2007 Meeting
    • Covered the basics and organizational structure of the committee and better defined roles and responsibilities:
      • Time Keeper
      • Minutes
      • Process of disseminating information
      • Development of SharePoint Site
      • Possibility of Web page
      • Software to support faculty – Criterion
      • Role of the Rubric
    • Dr. Gail Hawks presented on Opting out of Gordon Rule requirements for ECO2013
      • Additional Information was requested
      • The beginning of a formal process for opting in and out were discussed
      • Time lines were requested to determine the whole process
gordon rule committee summary5
Gordon Rule Committee Summary
  • March 2007 Meeting
    • Went over action items from February meeting
    • Discussed the proposal by Business on ECO2013 and additional information provided to the committee
    • Brainstormed on a form for opting In and or out. Discussed protocol for voting and how we would handle future procedural questions.
    • Form on next slide
gordon rule committee summary6
Gordon Rule Committee Summary
  • March 2007 Meeting Cont. - Form for Opting In/Out – Detail below

Gordon Rule Course Evaluation Form

Date Submitted: __________________________________________

Requested date: __________________________________________

Course Name: ____________________________________________

Course Number: __________________________________________

The course is an: Addition Removal

Please respond to the following points in writing:

Faculty capabilities in response to opting in or out of this course?

The benefits to students, department and college?

Impact on department and enrollment? Please provide statistical data and copies of reports.

Reason for change request?

What is the result of this change in course outcomes and core competencies?

What is the student success data for the current course?

Include the following information with this form:

Current course outcomes

Current course description

Current core competencies

Survey of Florida schools on the same course with similarities and differences

Official academic discipline response to this request

If Opting Out - Several examples of current Gordon Rule writing assignments and student papers (Minimum of 5 assignments and 10 papers per assignment for a total of 50)

***Committee will respond in writing to the original request. The committee’s recommendations will be made to the Academic Deans and, if approved, it will be forwarded for consideration by the Campus and College wide CASSC.

Form: Gordon Rule Course Evaluation Form: Version 3 - 6.5.07

gordon rule committee summary7
Gordon Rule Committee Summary
  • April 2007 Meeting
    • Voted on ECO2013 Opting out motion – was rejected by the committee
    • Discussed a formal response to the Deans and the Business Department
    • Began the discussion on a Questionnaire to be sent to faculty teaching Gordon Rule courses
    • Discussed more training options and established a sub-committee to explore options.
    • Committee recommends a moratorium on opting In/Out until January 2008 so committee can focus on resources for the faculty.
    • The committee reviewed data of Gordon Rule courses and the success of taking ENC1101 prior. The data showed no conclusive outcome in favor of making ENC1101 a pre-requisite.
gordon rule committee summary8
Gordon Rule Committee Summary
  • May 2007 Meeting
    • Formal recommendation for the ECO2013 course was sent to the Business discipline with a cc to the Academic Deans
    • Discussion of questionnaire for faculty using Gordon Rule
    • Developed a list of potential sources of support.
  • Peer Reviews
  • CTD
  • Virtual trainings
  • Survey
  • Webpage
  • Writing centers/labs
  • Writing assignments
  • Outside consultants
  • Campus meetings
  • Criterion Software
  • Department Chairs
  • Conference Day session
  • Student to student peer reviews
  • Helpful Hints summary
  • Discipline conveners
  • Faculty mentoring
  • Mini workshops – new faculty orientation
gordon rule committee summary9
Gordon Rule Committee Summary
  • May 2007 Meeting Cont.
    • Begin to collect writing assignments and anchor papers
      • Sub-committee formed to manage
gordon rule committee summary10
Gordon Rule Committee Summary
  • June, September & October 2007 Meetings
    • Questionnaire firmed up and completed
    • Feedback received from Joanne Bashford
    • Questionnaire was sent out through institutional research
    • Results were provided to the committee
gordon rule committee summary11
Gordon Rule Committee Summary
  • November 2007 Meeting
    • Survey Results discussed
      • 33% feel the rubric did not help in identifying elements of college level writing
      • 27% have not reviewed the rubric with their students and 33% have not explained the rubric
      • 40% feel the rubric does not meet the needs of their discipline
      • 66% feel the Gordon Rule requirement did not change the way they taught their course(s)
      • 55% of faculty have not made changes in their grading policy to include the new requirement
    • Requested Support
      • 69% of faculty feel on-line workshops would be helpful
      • 66% like face-to-face trainings
      • 73% would like sample papers to use as a guide
      • 76% would like a workshop on holistic grading
    • Discussion of revising the survey for the future, due to some inconsistencies and possible misunderstandings.
    • Discussion of the creation of focused groups:
      • Training – conference day
      • Resources – writing center
      • Technology
      • Curriculum
gordon rule committee summary12
Gordon Rule Committee Summary
  • December 2007 Meeting
    • Flush out details on recommendations:
      • Training options:
        • Conference day
        • Face to face
        • Online/chat
      • Dept. Chairpersons to supervise adjuncts.
      • Writing centers:
        • Make faculty more aware of this recourse
        • Make students more aware of this resource
        • Recommend that resources for writing centers be increased (i.e.: funding/staff)
      • Technology Options:
        • Live chats through Angel
        • Criterion
      • Curriculum:
        • Changes or assistance to students
      • Committees Administrative resources:
        • Request for sample papers
      • Report to Provost:
        • Communicate our findings to the Provost
gordon rule committee summary13
Gordon Rule Committee Summary
  • January 2008 Meeting
    • Committee report out – discussion on what to include
    • Set up Dean’s meetings with
    • Discussion of resources available on each campus
    • Issue with Gordon Rule designation on Degree Audit
gordon rule committee summary14
Gordon Rule Committee Summary
  • February, April, May, June Meetings
    • ECO2013 – discussed the revisiting of opting out.
    • Reporting out – what to include and details
    • Collection of all campus available resources
    • Data reports on possibility of ENC as a pre-requisite
    • Dean’s meetings with Gordon Rule committee members
gordon rule committee summary15
Gordon Rule Committee Summary
  • Formal Recommendations – Goals for support
    • Additional Training via Web and CTD classes
      • Adjuncts would get paid for Gordon Rule workshops and Criterion workshops
      • Retreat by discipline for training
    • Web environment with Gordon Rule information and resources available to faculty and staff – maintained regularly
    • Make faculty and students Aware of all current writing resources
    • ENC1101 – as a pre-requisite for Gordon Rule courses
    • Use of Criterion software College wide by faculty and students
    • Writing Centers should be properly staffed and prepared to support Gordon Rule Faculty and students.