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We offer 2 mains activities to our clients PowerPoint Presentation
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We offer 2 mains activities to our clients

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We offer 2 mains activities to our clients - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sapphire Bridge Investment Consulting (PDS) provides quality professional services to our clients. Our team is multi culture, dynamic and global experience. We have a strong network and knowledge in Vietnamese market.

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Presentation Transcript
Sapphire Bridge Investment Consulting (PDS) provides quality professional services to our clients.

Our team is multi culture, dynamic and global experience. We have a strong network and knowledge in Vietnamese market.

We make a positive difference through assisting our clients to achieve their objectives to Vietnamese market.

I – Acting as a commerce representative

Low Risk, Saving Time and Saving Money by using high quality services.

Following your instructions and requirements, our multi culture team with strong local market knowledge, could act better than opening your own representative office in Vietnam at the starting period.

On behalf of our clients, we shall support to:

  • Provide market information upon client’s instructions;
  • Provide legislations documents;
  • Carry out related procedures as required by Vietnamese laws;
  • Find information about potential partners, clients;
  • Propose media/advertising methods and tools suitable with Vietnamese customers;
  • Contact with your potential partners, clients;
  • Receive questions from potential partners and clients and reply as client’s instructions;
  • Propose suitable partners and clients with your specific requirements;
  • Manage product distribution activities in Vietnam.
  • Monthly report
II- Investment consultancy

Our consultants have considerable experience in the domestic market and form an integral part of our global team of investment specialists.Our team focuses on building long term relationships with institutional clients both nationally and internationally.  The provision of a comprehensive range of consulting services, aligned with international best practice, has enabled us to grow our client base substantially.

Our specialized sectors:

- Energy /Mining

- Real Estates

- Telecom/ New Technology

- Media/Advertising

Our services :

- Advise clients on investment procedures;

- Search for suitable local partners and make assessment on investment chances;

- Carry out investment procedures as required by Vietnamese laws.

General Principles

Our goal is to provide quality services to clients on a prompt basis and at competitive costs. We maintain a flexible charging policy, as it believes in adapting to a specific situation or Clients' needs. We will discuss our fee and billing procedure with you at any time. In any case the means of charging shall be negotiated with and agreed by the Clients.

Reference shall usually be made to one of the followings: Time basisOur first mean of charging is to collect consultancy fees from Clients based the effective working time spent by each specialist with the common hourly rate of USD150. We will advise the Client of the estimated effective working time and cost in advance.Lump sumFor certain cases, we will agree to charge on lump-sum basis, in way of a fixed amount for providing all services within an agreed scope of services. We will limit its charges to the agreed fixed amount. The specific amount shall be agreed by us and the Client, mainly with reference to the following:

• Time to be spent on the case; • Amount of money or value of property involved in the case; • Complexity and difficulty of the case; • Urgency of the case.

Retainer feesA retainer can be agreed upon to cover anticipated fees for acting as commercial representative to look for Clients’ opportunities in Vietnam. Our retainer fee would be ranged monthly fee due to subject or nature of each case.

MEAU Thi Ai My

Position : Manager Director

Motte : Excellence network, used to connect international and local Partners.


Language: English, French, Vietnamese, Chinese


Position : Business Planning Director

Motte : Senior Associate, used to advise international firms to Vietnam

Language: English, Vietnamese


Position : Marketing and Advertising Director

Ho Chi Minh City branch

Motte: Solid network and strong experiences in Marketing and Advertising for local market.


Language: English, Vietnamese

NGUYEN Thi Mai Trang

Position: Marketing and Customers Services - Vice Director

Supervisor for Nord - VietNam Market

Motte: Strong relationship and experienced in Marketing and Customer services for local market.


Language: English, Japanese, Vietnamese

NGUYEN Trong Hung

Position: Investment and Business Development - Vice Director

Motte: Strong network, experienced working in Asia market.


Language: English, Japanese, Vietnamese


Position: Europe representative

Motte: Strong network, experienced import/export sector in Europe market.


Language: English, French, Cambodian, Vietnamese



Head office : 10th floor, Anh Minh Building, 36

Hoang Cau Street, Hanoi VietNam

Tel number: (84) 66 545690

Fax number: (84) 39365967

Email :

Website :