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Multi Source edit System Requirements PowerPoint Presentation
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Multi Source edit System Requirements

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Multi Source edit System Requirements - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Multi Source edit System Requirements. Two source decks ( Players) Recorder deck Switcher Audio Board Monitors. Multi Source edit Systems. Allow you to perform dissolves, wipes, keys and other transitions. Fade. Gradual transition of an image to or from black. Kissing Black/ Dip to Black.

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multi source edit system requirements

Multi Source edit System Requirements

Two source decks ( Players)

Recorder deck


Audio Board


multi source edit systems
Multi Source edit Systems
  • Allow you to perform dissolves, wipes, keys and other transitions
  • Gradual transition of an image to or from black
kissing black dip to black
Kissing Black/ Dip to Black
  • A quick Fade to black and back up.
  • A gradual transition from one image into another
  • Need extra head and tail of shot
  • If you need to dissolve between shots in one tape, a dub will have to be made.
  • Used to compress time
  • Used to show thematic and structural relationships
  • Subtle effect/ blend action
  • Dramatic pause
  • Cover lapses of time
  • Locale changes
soft cut
Soft Cut
  • Quick Dissolve
  • Half of both pictures are seen simultaneously
  • When one image pushes the other off the screen.
split screen
Split Screen
  • shots share parts of the screen
digital video effects
Digital Video Effects
  • Are special effects for video production created by digitizing and then manipulation an image.
        • Control image size
        • Aspect ratio
        • Control movement along x,y, and z axis
        • Image look
        • Split an image
  • Are the common way for superimposing titles and for creating special effects. Replace images from one shot with images of another shot.
  • Keys combine images by switching back and forth during the scanning process with the trigger to switch being created by the luminance level or color.-
  • Must select one image to be the foreground and the other image as a background
  • In a chroma key all of one color is removed from the main image and is replaced with the second- weather person
  • Plan for graphics before shooting
  • Make sure that they fit the screen correctly, by monitoring.
  • Stay away from highly saturated colors and fine lines-generation loss shows
  • Font should be consistent throughout program
  • Use Drop shadows
  • Time Base Corrector
  • Used to correct color and timing errors in video
  • Eliminates errors created in VTR playback
  • Can separate video signal to adjust level, chroma, and hue separately_ Color correction
  • Can have a dropout compensator to cover up flecks
  • Can have still store- what is still store-
  • Adds noise to signal
waveform monitor
Waveform Monitor
  • Displays parts of the video signal- picture and sync information
  • Used to look at luminance levels of your picture
  • Measures in IRE’s
  • 100 IRE is…….
  • 7.5 IRE is……….
  • Final Cut Pro measures in percentages 0 is black and 100 is white
  • Evaluates the chrominance - color quality.
  • White is in the center
  • Boxes around the scope represent the Primary colors and Complimentary colors
  • Used to calibrate color circuits
  • Monitor subcarrieer phase
  • Noise level
underscan mode
Underscan mode
  • Mode on monitor that allows the picture to shrink so that the edges of the signal can be viewed