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Michigan SOAR Initiative

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Michigan SOAR Initiative. Monica Bellamy, M.S.W. Michigan Department of Community Health Michigan SOAR Coordinator. Is Sponsored by: Michigan Department of Community Health In partnership with: Michigan State Housing Development Authority Corporation for Supportive Housing

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michigan soar initiative

Michigan SOAR Initiative

Monica Bellamy, M.S.W.

Michigan Department of Community Health

Michigan SOAR Coordinator

Is Sponsored by:
  • Michigan Department of Community Health
    • In partnership with:
    • Michigan State Housing Development Authority
    • Corporation for Supportive Housing
    • Department of Human Services
  • With contractual assistance and support from:
    • Policy Research Associates, Inc.
Brief History of SOAR
  • Contracted with PRA (TTT)
  • Had 40 persons trained in June, 2007
  • Established State over site Team
    • State Housing Development
    • Department of Human Services
    • Department of corrections
    • SSA & DHS
    • Veterans Administration
    • State HMIS Administrator
Minimum of 4 Trainings in every region 1-8

A total of 65 trainings have taken place statewide

  • 1600+ persons have been trained in every region of the state
what s going on in michigan
What’s going on in Michigan …

2020+ applications submitted

  • 72% success rate of getting applications approved on first application and for applications on appeal combined.

Applications approved in an average of 79 days statewide.

  • 48% of clients are chronically homeless
who s participating to maintain the effort
Who’s ParticipatingTo maintain the effort?
  • There are a minimum of 4 trainings offered per year to cover all 8 regions of the state.

Who’s getting trained:

  • Community Mental Health Agencies
  • Domestic Violence agencies
  • Emergency Shelter Staff
  • Grass Roots Community Agencies
  • Veterans Administration
what regions agreed to do
What Regions Agreed to do……
  • Sign MOU Agreements
  • Convene Regional SOAR planning group to support local efforts and roll out training to areas within the region
  • Designate a Regional SOAR Team Lead
what regions agreed to do9
What Regions Agreed to do……
  • Plan regional trainings, providing logistical support and coordinate with identified trainers
  • Work with each identified lead agency to pilot test the SOAR approach
  • Collect and report on outcomes of applications assisted (HMIS)
regions work with the state to
Regions work with the state to:
  • Develop and implement Regional and local plans to increase access to SSI and SSDI for homeless people with disabilities
  • Involve key stakeholders, including:
    • Local homeless services providers
    • Community mental health agencies
    • Local hospitals
    • Disability Determination Service representative
    • Local SSA office
    • Local DHS office
    • Community corrections
what trainee s agreed to do
What Trainee’s Agreed to do…
  • Provide direct assistance to people applying for SSI using SOAR critical components
  • Track outcomes of applications assisted using HMIS
  • Participate in Regional SOAR planning meetings
what the state is doing
What the State is Doing…
  • Providing on-going TA to all Regions
  • Establishing Collaborations with SSA offices, both on regional and local levels— designated staff.
  • Establishing Collaborations with DDS—designated staff
  • Conduct state-level planning to support SOAR Across Michigan
  • Monitor progress and report on individual and system outcomes
  • Add SOAR data elements to HMIS
what the state is doing cont
What the State is Doing Cont…

Regional Strategic Plans

  • Follow-up with plans started in each region
  • Regions are encouraged to meet regularly

( via monthly, quarterly)

Recognize Individuals and Communities for their accomplishments

what we have learned
What We Have Learned

The state’s role is key in the process of local efforts

Assist SOAR providers sustain and expand

their efforts

* Must be adaptable (moving train)

* Must be persistent

what we have learned15
What We Have Learned…..
  • More support and input is needed from Regions

More support and TA is need for trainee’s to assist them in getting started

  • More support and TA is needed directly after training.
  • Trainers and trainees discovered that many people have already applied for SSI and need help with pending applications or appeals (We added expediting of appeals)
follow up to improve outcomes
Follow-up to improve outcomes
  • Getting started document (www.prainc.com/soar)
  • One on One follow up with trainee’s
  • MOU agreement follow-up w/ directors
  • Meet periodically to plan and address issues that arise
follow up to improve outcomes17
Follow-up to improve outcomes
  • HMIS
    • Collecting and reporting on outcomes of applications assisted
    • Entering information for persons already in process
  • Involved Advanced Trainers
  • TA calls
state team involvement
State Team Involvement
  • Conduct state-level planning to support SOAR Across Michigan
    • Monthly calls
    • In person meeting twice a year
  • Monitor progress and report on individual and system outcomes
training more training
Training & More Training

Refresher Training

60 to 90 days after 2 day Stepping Stones to Recovery training.

  • Review the most critical aspects of the SOAR Process to get successful outcomes.
  • Review updated and new information
  • Review and discuss revised forms and processes
  • Give tips and best practices for successful outcomes
  • Provide an opportunity for questions and answers along with TA
some things accomplished through the state s efforts
Some things accomplished through the state’s efforts
  • Meetings have occurred with hospitals around the state
  • Quarterly TA calls held with each Region
  • Conducted in person SOAR TA with the regions
  • Produced SOAR Reports by Region to State team, regions, SSA and DDS
It’s “Win” “Win” for all involved!

The State’s involvement is crucial to the success of SOAR

  • Collaboration works!
  • There is no question that the support from state departments and local stakeholder’s makes a difference in successful outcomes..

Make a difference!!!

for more information
For More Information:

Monica Bellamy

SOAR Across Michigan State Team Lead

Michigan Department of Community Health

Phone: 313-456-4360

E-mail: Bellamy@michigan.gov