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Commedia dell’arte

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Commedia dell’arte. What we will cover. Explain the history Explain character Questions Explain play subjects Vocabulary (cheat sheet ) Hand out quizzes Correct the quiz. History. Popular from 1550-1750 Started in Italy

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Commedia dell’arte

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    1. Commedia dell’arte

    2. What we will cover Explain the history Explain character Questions Explain play subjects Vocabulary (cheat sheet) Hand out quizzes Correct the quiz

    3. History Popular from 1550-1750 Started in Italy Tropes moved into all of Europe influencing Theatre in countries such as Spain, Germany, Austria, England and especially France Performed in public town squares No script only written scenario’s in Italian Canovaccios (outlined actions) Improvised with the written work they had An actor would chose 1 character they would play and focus on for the rest of their lives

    4. Main Characters Il Dottore High on the social ladder he is a doctor(but has no clue what he’s talking about) he will babble on forever and eventually take the focus off of the topic. he changes the subject frequently. For example “That’s a lovely hat, I love the feathers, and did you know birds have feathers, I had the most wonderful chicken dinner last night…” No one ever really questions what he’s talking about because he is a doctor and says big impressive words that people don’t understand, so people believe he must be right Long black jacket or tunic with a black coat that reaches all the way to his ankles, black shoes and a black skull cap. A pillow was often stuffed into the actor’s torso area since Dottore was very fat. His maskcovers only the forehead and nose.

    5. Main CharactersIl Capitano( The Captain) The most macho of macho men, extremely arrogant with a huge ego and brags constantly of his many “accomplishments” (all lies). He will often brag about his sex life but is afraid of confronting woman. Il Capitano might look confident and courageous but in reality he’s a coward who is afraid of anything and everything, he wouldn’t hurt a fly! Due to his uniform he is able to disguise himself as a captain of an army. His given name is usually long for example “Bernardino Constantino Ermengildo Leopoldo Olimpio Walter Quinto, son of Mars of Olympus.” Similar to a military uniform except it’s much bigger. He wears huge boots that cover part of his legs and a fancy hat with a colourful military like jacket (to makes fun of the army forces). Wears a sword and scabbard on his belt (but never draws it) if it accidentally falls out he is terrified and scurries away.

    6. Main Characters Pantalone a rich, old, lecherous man who’s obsessed with money, high on the social ladder of his town, losing money would make him drop in status (something that he fears most). Lusts for woman but isn’t capable to fulfill his fantasies. He “catcalls” woman (which means now a days whistling or calling after the female sex), but if a woman did respond to him (which would’ve been unlikely) he would’ve been forced to retreat since he can’t act on anything. He believed that anything can be bought, he would offer money to get whatever he wanted, and he wouldn’t however pay for anything insisting that he already paid. A modern day example of people like this would be Mr. Burns from the Simpson’s, He walks in the same manner as Pantalone and Mr. Burns face even resembles Pantalone’s Tight red trousers or stalking, a jacket, a loose black cloak with free flowing sleeves, red cap and slippers and carries a money purse on his belt.

    7. Subjects Disgraceful love intrigues Clever tricks to get money outwit a simpleton Same lost-children by Turks, plotting maids, bragging captains, aged fathers and wily widows Each man had his parasite and woman their confidante Night shows which involved different scenes (hero mistaken for villain, father and son fall in love with the same girl and risky situations like the representation of fire, shipwreck, and the like which served as a pretext for allowing actresses to appear naked on stage

    8. Vocabulary Giangurgolo: Big mouth Lazzi: Humorous interruptions Canovaccios: Outlines actions Plautus: A writer Middle: The line between old and middle comedy