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poggy frog and his friends n.
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Poggy Frog and His Friends PowerPoint Presentation
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Poggy Frog and His Friends

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Poggy Frog and His Friends
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Poggy Frog and His Friends

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Poggy Frog and His Friends 504 RT

  2. N1:It was a true story of the Poggy Frog and his friends.

  3. N2:It’s Sunday afternoon. Poggy Frog sat by the pond, eating green flies S的聲音要有.

  4. F/C:Zzzzz! Zzzzz! Slurp! Slurp!

  5. N1: Lizzy Lizard sat by the pond, eating blue flies.

  6. L/C:Zzzzz! Zzzzz! Crunch! Crunch!

  7. N2: Along came嘴巴要閉Hissy Snake長音A.

  8. S: What are you eating?

  9. F:Green flies! Green flies are best!

  10. C:Green flies are best!肯定的語氣

  11. L: Blue flies! Blue flies are best!

  12. C:Blue flies are best!肯定的語氣

  13. S: Green flies are not best. Blue flies are not best. Frogsand Lizards are best.邊念要有邊舔舌頭的感覺

  14. F: Frogs and lizards? 語調上揚Oh no!

  15. C:Oh, oh, Frog’s in trouble.用唱的

  16. N1:Away he went, splash, splash, into the pond.

  17. L:Frogs and lizards? 語調上揚Oh no!

  18. COh, oh, lizard’s in trouble.

  19. N2:Away she went, run, run, up a tree

  20. N1:Hissy Snake laughedand laughedt的聲音

  21. N2:Then Hissy Snake sat by the pond, eating green and blue flies.

  22. S/C:Zzzzz! Zzzzz! Slurp! Slurp! Zzzzz! Zzzzz! Crunch! Crunch!

  23. N1:On the other day……

  24. N2:It’s Monday morning. Poggy Frog said to his friends, Lizzy Lizard , and TeeteeTurtle.

  25. F:Let’s have a poem閉嘴contest. These yummy fat worms can be the prize.

  26. T:Worms! My precious!有點饑渴的語調念慢ㄧ點

  27. L:Worms! My precious!有點饑渴的語調

  28. CWorms! Their precious!有點饑渴的語調

  29. N1: Poggy Frog puffed(t的聲音)out his chest and began his poem.

  30. F:I am a very handsome frog. I have very handsome eyes. I like to sit here on my log, And I like to eat green flies.有自信的語氣

  31. T&L: Good poem! Good poem!

  32. N2: Next it was Teetee Turtle’s turn

  33. T: A turtle is slow, I know,(ㄡㄨ的嘴型要有)but I do very well.When my legs won’tgo,I rest inside my shell.請慢慢的念

  34. L: Good poem!

  35. F:Good poem, but not as good as mine.

  36. N1:Now it was Lizzy Lizard’s turn

  37. L: I’m a lizard with four fast feet.I hate the cold. I like the heat.I like a fly or a worm to eat.I think my poem is hard to beat.念的速度-要有節奏

  38. F: Your poemis(可連音)hard to beat, but it’s not as good as mine.

  39. T: And it’s not as good as mine. 慢慢念

  40. F/T/L:My poemis the best! *3(動物們爭吵狀)

  41. N2: Oh, poor guys. They couldn’t decide which poemwas the best.有點煩惱的語調

  42. N1Then Hissy Snake came along.

  43. S: I want to be in the poem contest, too. Here is my poem.Come here, my friends. Hiss, hiss, hiss. Let me give you a hug and a kiss.有點飢餓的感覺

  44. N2: Poggy Frog and his friends didn’t want a hug and a kiss from a snake.

  45. F&T&L:Let’s get out of here! 快跑走的語調

  46. N1: Hissy Snake smiled. 有賊笑的語氣

  47. S:Yummy fat worms! I win the prize!

  48. C:Hissy Snake is a champion冠軍~歡呼的語調

  49. All:The end. Thank you very much.