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- Elia Morroni - Eva Pasqualini - Rosanna Virgili

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- Elia Morroni - Eva Pasqualini - Rosanna Virgili - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presentation. This group is composed of:. - Elia Morroni - Eva Pasqualini - Rosanna Virgili - Giovanni Michele Antonacci - Ludovica Marini. ELIA.

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elia morroni eva pasqualini rosanna virgili giovanni michele antonacci ludovica marini


Thisgroupiscomposed of:

-Elia Morroni

- Eva Pasqualini

- Rosanna Virgili

- Giovanni Michele Antonacci

- Ludovica Marini



Hi! I am Elia Morroni, I’m 23 yearsoldand I live with my family: mymum, mydad and mysister Giulia. I live in Osimo, a littleplacenear Ancona. I havebeenengagedto Eva since 2010.

I work in a factory in Osimo at the weekend.

I’mstudyingPrimaryEducation in Macerata, aseverybodyknows.

I love music and I play bass-guitar in a groupcalled Eclisse with my friends. I likesports and I do MMA: mix martialarts.

I love travellingaround the world and the best placesthat I havevisited are Australia and India.



Hi, I am Eva. I’m 25 yearsold. I live in Osimo, a littletownnear Ancona. I love animals, especially dogs and cats. I like the Arts and I read a lot of books.

I havebeenengaged to Elia since 2010. I work in a bar on Friday and Saturdaynights.

I’ma crazy,friendlyperson. I lovetravelling, and everysummermy boyfriend and I go to Greece. I likecookingallkinds of dishes

butI’mbadatcookingdesserts. Finally, I love fitness, so I go to the gymthreetimes a week.



Hi! My name is Rosanna and I am 21 years old. I live in Vissani, a suburb of Montecassiano with my boyfriendLuca.

I'm attending the third year of the Primary Education degree and I love children and anything related to the world of childhood. For this reason I am very happy because one day I will become a teacher.

I have a very large family: mum and dad, two brothers and one sister who lives in Paris. I have a beautiful, sweet dog called Mila and I love her a lot even if she sometimes makes me angry.

I hate discos and at the weekend I prefer going to the cinema with my friends and my boyfriend. I like travelling and discovering new places. I am a very sensitive, quiet, introverted person. I love cooking; I’m a master with cakes.



Hi! My name is Giovanni Michele Antonacci. I am… years old. I live in Cassano delle Murge near Bari, in Puglia. I'm a very quiet boy, friendly, sociable, a lover of nature and simplicity! I also have some defects such as being fussy and stubborn!

I came to Macerata in 2011 to study Primary Education. In my family there are usually two of us, but often there are seven, with my sister Grazia and her husband Raffaele and my three terrible nephews: Leonardo, Stefano and Mattia! My hobbies are photography, art, running and watching TV, especially some of the most important American TV series. I am falling in love with technology, the PC and the new social networks. My favouritefood is what I cook...pre-cooked pizza and chips... joking apart, I’m a "great chef", and often try to prepare delicious meals and to experiment with new dishes!



Hi! I'm Ludovica and I am 23 years old. I was born and Ilive in San Benedetto del Tronto with my family, but now during the week I live in Macerata, because I’m attending the Primary Education course at university and I'm doing the third year.

I have a dog called Cisco; he's lovely and I like go out for walks with him. My little sister is 17 years old and we share a lot of hobbies, especially shopping and photography. At the weekend I always go out with my friends and my boyfriend and often I spend my Saturday nights going to the disco. I listen to all kinds of music, but Ilove rock music best. I would like to travel around the world to meet new people, to discover new traditions and cultures, and to learn the languages.


Lesson 16°




…What is ‘reporting Verbs’?

The reporting verbs are used to repeatsomethingthatwaspreviously said. The most common reporting verbs are ‘say’ and ‘tell’, butthere are a number of other reporting verbs we can use to describe more accuratelywhatsomeonehas said. These verbs take a variety of structures.


Variety of structures


agree, decide, offer, promise, refuse

Example: Theyagreed to meet on Friday.

He refused to take hiscoat off.


advise, encourage, invite, remind, warn

Example: Tom advisedme to go home early.

Shereminded me to telephonemymother.


recommend, suggest

Example: Theyrecommendedtaking the bus.

She suggested meeting a littleearlier.



accuse, blame, congratulate.

Example: He accused me of taking the money.

They congratulated me on passing all my exams.


apologise, insist.

Example: They apologised for not coming.

He insisted on having dinner.


admit, agree, decide, explain, insist, promise, recommend, suggest.

Example: Sarah decide (that) the house needed cleaning.


DifferencebetweenSay and Tell

SAY and TELL are the two verbs mostcommonlyused to report speech in English.

The maindifferenceisthatwhenwe use ‘TELL’, wenormallysaywhoisspoken to,

so wehave to use it with a directobject(a person).

Whenwe use ‘SAY’, wedon’tnormally indicate whoisspoken to, or, ifwe do, we must put

‘to’ before the object.

Example: He toldmethat he wasgoinginto hospital for a major operation.

He said that he expected to be kept in for aboutsix weeks.

SAY isalsoused in theseexpressions: say hello / goodbye

the clock saysfiveo’clock

TELLisalsoused in theseexpressions: tell a story

tell the truth / a lie

tell the time


Exercise n°1

Say or Tell? Choose the correct answer…

1) Can you say/tellme the way to the station, please?

2) He didn't say/tella word.

3) She said/toldher name was Ludovica.

4) Let me say/tellyou something about my hobbies.

5)Forget everything I just said/told.

6)Why didn't you say/tell him that before?

7) Why didn't you say/tellthat before?

8) What did Luca say/tellwhen he saw the new bike?


Exercisen° 2

Choose the correct reporting verb from this list…

1. "I'd go and see a doctor if I were you," Eva said to me.

Eva __________ me to go and see a doctor.


2. "Can you come and help me with this box?"

Nicola __________ me to help him with the box.


3. "This is an exam Mr. Dondero!! Be quiet!!!"

The headmaster __________ Mr. Dondero to be quiet.


4. "That road is very dangerous so just be very careful!"

His mother __________ him that the road was very dangerous and to be careful.



5. "Juventus won the match last night."

The journalist __________ that Juventus had won the match the previous night.


6. "Why don't we go and see that new film at the cinema."

Giovanni __________ going to see the new film at the cinema.


7. "I can come and look after the children tomorrow night."

Ludovica __________ to come and look after the children the following evening.


8. "The lesson starts at six o'clock in the evening."

The teacher Gill __________ us that the lesson started at six in the evening.



Exercise n°3

Special reporting verbs:

choose the suitableverb


Direct =“Why don't we go to the cinema?” he said.

Indirect =Heto the cinema.

a) suggested going

b) thanked for going

c) promised to go

d) warned against going


Direct =“Watch out! The bull looks dangerous,” they said.

Indirect =  They the dangerous bull.

a) denied going to

b) warned us against

c) accused us of coming to

d) promised not to come


Direct =“Daddy, I'm going out with Luca,” she said.

Indirect =  Rosanna with Luca.

b) confessed that she was going

a)denied going out

d) regretted going out

c) apologized for going out


Direct =“What a pity I didn't see the ceremony,” he said.

Indirect =  He not seeing the ceremony.

a) regretted

b) accused

c) denied

d) advised


Direct =“You are right. It was a mistake to get up so early,” Eva said. Indirect = Eva early had been a mistake. 

a) admitted getting up

b) begged getting up

c) denied to get up

d) advised getting up


Direct =“Thank you very much indeed,” he said.

Indirect = He Susan. 

a) refused

b) thanked

c) promised

d) explained