a d v e r b s of c o n t r a s t n.
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A D V E R B S of C O N T R A S T PowerPoint Presentation
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A D V E R B S of C O N T R A S T

A D V E R B S of C O N T R A S T

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A D V E R B S of C O N T R A S T

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  1. A D V E R B S of C O N T R A S T “Despite, in spite of, although, whereas, however, yet” K A R Ş I T L I K gösteren ZARFLAR

  2. Although / whereas it was ten pm, I decided to go to bed. • Although / despite the car was expensive, it wasn’t in good condition. • Although / in spite of the bad weather, I went fishing. • Hasan is short although / whereas Beyza is tall. • Hakan bought the shirt whereas / although it was expensive.

  3. It started to rain yet / although we went on playing basketball. • I decided to watch tv although / whereas she continued studying her lessons. • Although / Whereas she has plenty of food, she doesn’t share it. • I have a bicycle however / although I rarely use it. • He finished the race however / whereas he injured his leg.

  4. They live in the same place despite / yet they never visit each other. • They don’t do any sports although / whereas they are fit. • although / however I had enough money, I didn’t buy that computer. • Despite / although he was tired, he went to bed late. • Despite / although the problems we have, it is nice to live.

  5. Our teacher was very angry although / yet he didn’t say anything. • She has got a lot of friends yet / in spite of they don’t meet much. • Despite / although the qualities she has, she didn’t get the job. • I like English very much although / whereas my students don’t. • In spite of / although its raining heavily, we arrived there on time.

  6. They are ugly and expensive yet / although people buy them. • We don’t believe horoscopes however / whereas we read them. • We believe fortunetellers can’t know future yet / despite we put the cups upside down whenever we drink coffee. • Although / however they don’t train hard, they win the games. • I hate shopping however / whereas my wife loves.

  7. In spite of / although their richness, they help no one. • They don’t train hard yet / although they win the games. • There was a technical problem whereas / however the train arrived on time. • Although / yet the student was late for the exam, he finished first. • We played indoor however / whereas our friends went outside.

  8. The student was late for the exam yet / whereas he finished first. • Although / in spite of I was thirsty, I didn’t drink anything. • If you step on your shadow you will have good luck however / whereas if someone else steps on it you won’t. • I was thirsty however / whereas I didn’t drink anything. • We know the dangers of the junk food although / yet we go on eating it.

  9. Despite / although the hot weather, we stayed in. • Some countries are very rich yet / whereas others are poor. • The weather was hot however / although we stayed in. • Although / yet they were tired, they all went to the party. • Kamer is lazy however / whereas his brother is hardworking.