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You can be a conference circuit superstar PowerPoint Presentation
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You can be a conference circuit superstar

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You can be a conference circuit superstar - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Slideshow about You can be a conference circuit superstar by Eric Tachibana

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You can be a conference circuit superstar

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. You can be a Conference circuit superstar This should be your microphone!

    2. this is me

    3. i’m giving a talk on technology strategy at The Asian Banker 2014

    4. <whisper> i’m not actually a superstar

    5. but I’ve been on the circuit for 20 years and do 10-15 gigs a year

    6. and along the way, I’ve turned speaking into millions in biz dev and dozens of job offers

    7. so if you are interested in speaking at an industry conference This is not me!!!

    8. i can share my industry speaking journey This is definitely not me!!!

    9. 0 1 Why speak at an industry conference

    10. getting a gig, preparing, and speaking means personal/career risk and quite a bit of grunt work. So why do it?

    11. 1. Professional development • you’ll be seen as an expert & a superstar with: • fellow speakers • audience members • exhibition vendors • colleagues • industry press

    12. Oh that guy again 2. Business development speaking drives sales, branding and PR, and partnerships

    13. 3. BENEFIT FROM PREPARATION by preparing to speak, you will gain an incredibly clear understanding of the subject

    14. 4. STRETCH YOURSELF stage fright? busy schedule? out of your comfort zone? GOOD! EAT IT! stop whining!

    15. ONE FINAL NOTE! clear your speaking engagement and materials with your boss, corporate comms, legal, and marketing

    16. 0 2 How do you get gigs

    17. Click to view this instructional deck! 1. DO a SWOT-TOWS analysis this helps you clarify your strategy

    18. 2. BE VERY FINDABLE use google to list all relevant conferences. grab the names of key organizers & admins from the “about us” section. send them linked-in connect requests. since linked-in is slutty, you’ll get 70% acceptance.

    19. 2. BE VERY FINDABLE next, since good conference organizer friend other organizers, friend their conference organizing contacts too. you’ll quickly get a lot of 2nd degree connections, and your accept rate will go up

    20. 2. BE VERY FINDABLE now, add relevant keywords to your linked-in profile. add the “public speaking” skill, and get endorsed. add, “dynamic industry speaker and XYZ domain expert” to your summary.

    21. 2. BE VERY FINDABLE this is important because conference organizers use linked-in to source speakers. the more 1st degree connections you have & the better your profile keywords are, the more you’ll appear in their search

    22. 2. BE VERY FINDABLE also, generate content. post your presentation decks on Slideshare and link them to your linked-in profile page. get a copy of a video of you speaking, and add that too

    23. 2. BE VERY FINDABLE finally, make sure your social media identity is all over your slide deck

    24. 3. Bribery works too! if you sponsor an event, you usually get speaking slots and a booth.this is expensive so it should be used only once or twice to kick start

    25. 4. Befriend speakers I get 2 speaking requests per month but I speak at only 1 event per month. that means I turn down lots of events. my ‘go-to’ friends get my over-flow.

    26. 4. Befriend speakers of course, you must do a phenomenal job, or you’ll burn your rep fast! so I’d get your chops down before developing this resource

    27. 5. Work your way up start small and work your way up. there are many opportunities to speak in front of crowds of 8!scoring a small gig at a user group or meet-up is much easier as these groups are often undersupplied

    28. 5. Be persistent you will get rejected. no problem. think barney stinson’sapproach to the bar scene

    29. 6. don’t go out of pocket you probably won’t get paid to speak, unless you’re a pro. however, you should never be out of pocket:transport to & from the airport, plane tickets, travel insurance accommodation charges including room-service meals and wi-fi

    30. 0 3 How do you develop a topic

    31. 1. OWN IT Conference organizers usually give you a topic. But don’t feel restricted to those topics. Most organizers are happy for you to change topics or just create your own - so long as it blends with the overall conference theme

    32. 2. BE PASSIONATE & INSPIRE PASSION just choose a topic that makes you passionate, because, it is passion that creates memorable conference audience experiences. that said, choose a topic that has the potential to also make the audience passionate too.

    33. 3. INSPIRE, DON’T EXPLAIN with this in mind, choose something inspirational, contrarian, or unexpected. don’t try to explain. Explanation is better done in other mediums like books or slideshares. in 30 minutes, you don’t have time. presentations should inspire, not explain. leave the audience wanting to follow-up, not satiated (bored). that doesn’t mean that your talk should be fluff. You need credibility and to add value as an expert. but it does mean that the focus should be on “why” questions, not “what” answers.

    34. 4. LIMIT YOUR SCOPE similarly, scope down your messages. as a rule of thumb, I try to hit no more than 3 major themes in 30 minutes and no more than 1 minor theme every 3-5 minutes of speaking time.

    35. 5. GET THE PACKAGING RIGHT finally, make sure your presentation will be sexy to conference attendees. take time to craft your strong, relevant bio and a good, professional, hi-res selfie. pre-event marketing makes a difference. you’ll help self-select the audience as they will attend the talks that pique their curiosity,

    36. 5. GET THE PACKAGING RIGHT and have a sexy presentation title please! Approaches to dealing with software end-of-life issues 10 Ways to Kill Zombie Software! BAD! BETTER!

    37. 04 How do you prepare & deliver

    38. 0 4 How do prepare & deliver Slideshare is chock-a-block with decks on this topic, so rather than repeat, I’ll just share what has inspired me






    44. 0 5 How do you follow-up

    45. If you are building a brand as a speaker, follow-up is just as critical as the presentation. Good follow-up means: Link-in with other speakers, audience members, conference organizers, and post your material all over social media

    46. That’s it! Good luck!

    47. 1. WHY SPEAK • Professional Dev • Business Dev • Benefit from prep • Stretch yourself • Get approval • 2. HOW TO GET GIGS • Be very findable • Bribery works too • Befriend speakers • Work your way up • Be persistent • Don’t go out of pocket • 3. DEVELOP TOPICS • Own it • Be passionate and inspire passion • Don’t explain, inspire • Limit your scope • Get the Packaging right • 4. HOW TO PREPARE • One Message/slide • Beautiful slides • Ideas, not data • Great Title page • Know what’s in it for audience • Manage A/V • 5. HOW TO PRESENT • Practice, • Be rested • Arrive early & scope • Watch body language, volume, tone, & speed • Speaker monitor • 6. HOW TO HANDLE Q&A • Stay on Message • Predict the questions • Paraphrase • Engage everyone • Be nice • Don’t bullshit • Be brief • 7. FOLLOW-UP • Link to speakers, organizers & audience • Post like mad!

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    50. CREATIVE COMMONS ATTRIBUTIONS & REFERENCES Title Slide: Whisper Slide: R U Interested in Speaking slide: Hard Work Slide: Coins Slide: Benefit from Prep Slide: Stretch Yourself Slide: One Final Note (Stormtroopers) Slide: Bribery Slide: Befriend Speakers Slide: Work Your Way Up Slide: Don’t Go out of Pocket Slide: Own It Slide: Passion Slide: Inspire Slide: Limit Your Scope Slide: Packaging Slide: Bald Eagle Slide: This Slide: