heat illnesses n.
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Heat Illnesses

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Heat Illnesses - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Heat Illnesses. Amanda Leisner Ped 105-201. Heat illnesses, their differences, causes and damages to the human body. Do you know all of the signs?. Thesis Statement. Heat Stroke- a person’s body is unable to regulate the core temp.

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heat illnesses

Heat Illnesses

Amanda Leisner

Ped 105-201

types of heat illnesses

Heat Stroke- a person’s body is unable to regulate the core temp.

  • Heat Exhaustion- loss of water and salt due to heavy sweating.
  • Heat Cramps- low amounts of water and salt in the muscles.
  • Heat Rash- skin irritation
Types of heat illnesses
who it effects

It can effect everyone.

  • There are select ones at a higher risk.
  • Children, the elderly and the obese population
Who it effects
causes and effects

Heart disease

  • Prolonged/excessive exercise
  • Extended exposure to the sun and heat
  • Dehydration
  • Coma
  • Brain
  • Heart
  • Kidneys
  • Muscles
Causes and effects

Heat stroke- confusion, headache, flushed skin, high body temp.

  • Heat Exhaustion- heavy sweating, dizziness, thirst, weakness.
  • Heat Cramps-muscle spasms, pain in the abdomen, arms or legs.
  • Heat Rash- Red bumps on the skin (neck, chest)
what to do

Call 911

  • Cool down
  • Re-hydrate
  • Shady area
  • Remove outer clothing
What to do

Light clothing

  • Frequent rest
  • Shade
  • Hydrate

Heat stroke is preventable as long as you know the signs.

  • Stay hydrated and cool.
  • Always check on the elderly and children in excessive heat.

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