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The Best Drones For Beginners PowerPoint Presentation
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The Best Drones For Beginners

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The Best Drones For Beginners
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The Best Drones For Beginners

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  1. Best Beginner Drones -Guide to selecting a drone as a beginner

  2. Integrated Camera or GoPro camera? • How important is a camera to you? • If you like to shoot video or take pictures with your drones, you have 2 options – Attach your action camera, or buy a drone with a camera

  3. The first drone – Get it cheap If this is your first time flying a drone, you might want to get something cheap. Lets face it, accidents happen, especially to beginners. You can find decent drones at about 50 bucks, that can fly, and even take photos. They are a great starting point, for if you lose them it is no big deal. If you get a DJI Phantom 3, and you make a mistake, and it flies away, say goodbye to 1000 USD.

  4. Fly in good weather Avoid bad weather as a beginner, it will make it even more difficult to fly.

  5. Read the reviews As a beginner, it is important to read the reviews before you go ahead and buy a drone. There are many things to consider, and by selecting a drone within your budget that has gotten 4 and 5 star reviews, you can feel good about getting a safe deal.

  6. Conclusion In conclusion, don’t spend too much on your first drone, accidents happen when beginners fly. Start your training in good weather where there is few obstacles. Don’t mount your camera on the drone just yet, wait until you are better at handling it until you mount your GoPro camera on it. Get more tips for the best beginner drones and drones for GoPro at: