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Open Spot Concept

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Open Spot Concept. 2012-08-23 Open Spot. A web service to relay critical information at critical times to the masses. Possible structure of Canvases. Use case 1. The original idea of the `afterparty spot`

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open spot concept

Open Spot Concept


open spot
Open Spot
  • A web service to relay critical information at critical times to the masses.
use case 1
Use case 1

The original idea of the `afterparty spot`

  • People walk out of a night club at 2 am. "Where is the party at?" "Hey, we can go to this spot that is still open until 5am." "Okay.”
  • People walk out of a night club at 4:50am. 30 people outside a club, most looking for a cab or waiting for their friends to give them a ride home. However, a significant number of peeps are not done party yet, and they are looking for another venue to hit. "Where is the afterparty at?”
  • Login to the service. It uses push notifications and native alerts (?), so the thing is real-time. Optimized for mobile. Select a specific channel (afterparty san francisco).
other use cases
Other Use Cases
  • Where is the party at?
  • Shopping spree?
  • Sudden change of plans for a rendezvous
  • Buy/sell auctions, when the value of something spikes up and decreases very rapidly, or when you need to pack people and time: like, there *must* be 20 active users for 5 minutes, otherwise some event does not happen.
  • 20 people are waiting for a car to leave. The car manager issues fragment: "we are leaving." The relay of information is successful, the chanel is closed, and everybody else goes to the next step (countdown to arrival, preparation for arrival, etc).
  • Motorbike ridetogether

Specifically, this is excellent for when there is no pre-time organization, when the fragment of information becomes available only at the last minute.

This is also good for when plans change at the last minute and a medium or large group of people need to communicate.

As pertaining to the travel guide: login to this service at 10pm and just see which is the most popular channel in your city. This may get you to some of the more interesting events there.

  • Ads of nightlife and entertainment venues. The target audience is specific, so advertisement should be efficient (unlike facebook).

A lot of it should be viral / word of mouth. This is for people to get together very quickly, so they should all communicate verbally.

Furthermore, the target audience is specific for each channel, and is concentrated, often in some locations. A person handing out flyers outside a club would be an efficient way to advertise.

Besides that, all usual marketing channels apply.

optional features
Optional Features
  • Private chanels
  • Promoting burst events, like disseminating coupons that are valid for 1 hour or something, drink specials
suggested names for the app
Suggested names for the app
  • open spot
  • one spot
  • afterparty spot
use case 6 motorbike ridetogether
Use case 6: Motorbike ridetogether
  • Wake up! On Saturday morning, 10am sharp, shower and get ready.
  • Your fellow bikers are meeting up for a ride in the mountains. The location is to be announced by the group leader.
  • At 11:30am, the leader posts the location of the meetup. The channel closes at 11:40am. The group gathers up at the rendez vous at noon. The group leaves at noon. If you miss the announcement or if you are late to the rendez vous, the group leaves without you.
  • This way, it is possible to schedule events in an efficient manner. There is no waiting for whoever is late, and there is no ambiguity as to when/where anything happens.
necessary pages
Necessary pages
  • index
  • channels/show
  • admin - not developed
  • welcome screen
  • Estimate of value of finished product?
  • Estimate of expense of developing this product?