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Ecology Project

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Ecology Project
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Ecology Project

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  1. Ecology Project Tim Schütze

  2. The Planet: Kai Characteristics: temperature ranges from -54 to 30 degrees Celcius 2. Very little sunlight 3. Soil doesn’t contain many nutrients 4. Many lakes This is the planet I am going to go to. in this world, the only biome that is there is the boreal forest biome, also known as the taiga. The day length of this planet is 26 hours and the number of days in a year is 366. I chose this planet because they have similar characteristics according to day length and year length. It will not affect the animals I am bringing with me that much, to start an ecosystem. In this area, the insects are the major decomposers.

  3. The Organisms( Producers) Pine (PinusLongaeva) Aspen (PopulusTremuloides) Green=producer Brown=decomposer Red=carnivore Blue=herbivore Yellow=omnivore Spruce (PiceaAbies)

  4. The Organisms(Decomposers) Mountain Pine Beetle (DedtroctonusPonderosae) Spruce Cone Worm ( DioryctriaReneculloides) Larch Sawfly (PristiphoraErichsonii)

  5. The Organisms(Consumers) Moose ( AclesAcles) Snowshoe Hare (LepusAmericanus) White-Throated Sparrow (ZonotrichiaAlbicollis)

  6. The Organisms( Consumers) Lynx (Lynx Lynx) Bear (UrsusArctus) Wolf (Canis Lupus)

  7. The Organisms (Consumer) Lake Trout (SalvelinusNamaycush) Great Horned Owl (BubuVirginianus) Human (Homo Sapien)

  8. Symbiotic Relationships COMMENSALISM and Aspen Tree White Throated Sparrow The white throated sparrow lays its eggs in the aspen tree. This does not help or benefit the tree.

  9. Symbiotic Relationships PARASITISM and Pine Tree Mountain Pine Beetle The Mountain Pine Beetle lays its eggs in the pine, and also releases toxins that can weaken the trees who are preparing for the harsh winter. If they are weakened, the chances of dying In the winter are much higher.

  10. Symbiotic Relationships MUTUALISM and Spruce Cone Worm Spruce Tree The Spruce Cone Worm helps the tree by pollinating the tree, and therefore it also gets food.

  11. Predation Preys on Bear Lake Trout Preys on Moose Wolf

  12. Competition Wolf Both Prey on and Moose This will affect both the species Because the population of moose Might run out and they might starve Lynx

  13. Food Web LarchSawfly Human (Homo Sapien) White Throated Sparrow Great Horned Owl Wolf Lynx Bear Moose Snowshoe Hare Mountain PineBeetle SpruceCone Worm LakeTrout Spruce Aspen Pine

  14. Bibliography • Sources • •