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Will blockchain is going to bigger than cloud computing?

In this Presentation, you will know how blockchain is downgrading the market of cloud computing. Blockchain is the technology that makes bitcoin and all the other cryptocurrencies possible. In its simple form, blockchain is simply a tracking mechanism that is incorruptible. The ownership of specific assets cannot ever be questioned, because there are ledgers across the internet that verify the chain of transactions. But in cloud computing there are so much risks.

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Will blockchain is going to bigger than cloud computing?

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  1. Will Blockchain Downgrade The Market of Cloud Computing?

  2. What is Blockchain? • A network where blocks are securely connected by cryptography. • Blockchain are more user-friendly and open to the public with flexibility.

  3. What is Cloud computing? • It is a network of servers where we can store data, manage and process it. • But It has a disadvantage while using data, it has some limitation.

  4. Comparison in Speed: • The Blockchain is several times faster so there is no chance of third-party access. • Cloud computing can anytime be failed due to a server crash or any reason.

  5. Future • The Blockchain has globally captured the economy of many countries. • Many predictors are saying Blockchain will replace the cloud computing. • As per predictors Blockchain technology can save the financial industry $20B per year by 2020.

  6. Market Analysis • Blockchain has 80% impact on global market. • The Blockchain is more safe with negligible privacy risks. • Cloud computing has 50% impact on global market. • Cloud computing has less security and high privacy risks.

  7. Conclusion • Yes, Blockchain will definitely downgrade the market of cloud computing. • According to economist and market, researchers prediction cloud computing is not going to survive in blockchain world.

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