Laptop for workers
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Laptop For Workers . By: Sherifa Malalla 7B. Paragraph #1 How did I become involved in this project?.

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Laptop for workers

Laptop For Workers

By: Sherifa Malalla 7B

Paragraph 1 how did i become involved in this project
Paragraph #1How did I become involved in this project?

  • I chose this project because I like helping people and then I thought it was a great idea for me to chose this project. I found out about this because all my friends told me that it was a great idea to join this club and then I got really interested.

Paragraph 2 what is the c s project or activity
Paragraph #2what is the C&S project or activity?

  • The project laptop for workers is when you donate laptop for workers for them to see their families from different countries. The purpose of it was because it was really sad for us to see how they stay 2 years without seeing their family that’s why we decided to make this project. This project was serving community and service because you’re helping the community to make a better choice.

Mariam shamma a nd me made a g lobe t hat h as l aptops all around it
Mariam, Shamma and me made A globe that has laptops all around it.

Paragraph 3 what did you do for the project
Paragraph #3What did you do for the project?

  • I went to 5 meetings and created posters to put around the school for them to help us and I also donated 1 laptop for the poor, I also did all the surveys that they asked me to do.

Paragraph 4 what actually happened and how do you feel about this project
Paragraph #4What actually happened and how do you feel about this project?

  • The thing that happened in the project was that all of us wanted to collect a huge amount of laptops to give the poor and we got about 20. We made posters in groups and in the meeting we had to discuss everything that we wanted to do like convince people to donate. I felt really good when I joined the project and I didn’t regret what I did because I really enjoyed it.

Paragraph 5 what area of interaction do you think this service activity fits into
Paragraph #5What area of interaction do you think this service activity fits into?

  • The area of interaction was community and service because we were helping poor people to get something that they didn’t have and that would help them to write to their families and maybe speak to them on Skype.

Laptop for workers
What was the learner profile attribute that you experienced while working on the project? How have you grown stronger?

  • We were caring because we wanted to help people who had less that us and instead of throwing our laptop we donate it to them. This is also good for the environment because the laptops are not broken but they are a little bit old and they don’t have all the new programs.

Laptop for workers
Paragraph #6What is next for you? What do you think you’ll try next year or next time you choose a service project? Why?

  • I might visit the orphanage called Dreima in Qatar because it would be good for me to know what is feels like to live without a family. Here in Qatar family is really important so it must be sad for those children not to have one. I don’t really know how I can help them but at least if I go to visit I can get some idea of what they need.