good password advice towards technology literate malaysians n.
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Good Password Advice towards technology literate Malaysians PowerPoint Presentation
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Good Password Advice towards technology literate Malaysians

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Good Password Advice towards technology literate Malaysians

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Good Password Advice towards technology literate Malaysians

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  1. Good Password Advicetowards technology literate Malaysians by HanisHassim

  2. In today Malaysia’s environment, We Malaysians move towards the technology advancement.

  3. Users of the Internet are increasing rapidly each year and shows no slowing down.

  4. share Internet gives many great benefit to Malaysians They can socialize And even perform transaction online

  5. As well as greater productivity. These positively affects Malaysian’s health

  6. The Entire Malaysians. Healthy communities Lead to a healthy country; Brings good spirits to each individual, And also,

  7. And so, It is vital for Malaysians to be aware Of any harm the Technology may brings

  8. by taking several precautions And be alert Towards healthy technology application.

  9. To a better Malaysia’s health (in technology of course) Thus, Having good passwords Helps

  10. A secret word, or a collection of characters Used for authentication and gaining resource access What is Password?

  11. to prevent others from guessing it easily Yes, good password is important

  12. they may not able to access your email, eBay account, your student portal, etc. It’s best to practice having different passwords for different purposes Why? Say, if the illegal ones cracked your social site password,

  13. Combination of: Both Upper case and Lower case letters Alphabet characters, numbers, and special characters Ideal length should be 6 to 14 characters But what is the property of a good password?

  14. no purpose of having good passwords if share them with others Hmm, that’s easy… But keep in mind: Don’t ever share anyone your password

  15. DON’Ttick the “Remember password” or “Stay signed in” option available on site when surfing at public places (or computer which aren’t yours)

  16. keep the note for yourself only Anything more? Yes, if you really have to write down your password,

  17. If not needed anymore, dispose the note efficiently so that no one could read it How?

  18. Shred or tear it in such a way that it’s very hard to get it back together Maybe.. Burn it into ashes

  19. Anything more? If possible, don’t try to use the password generator software available throughout the internet Why? They may able to track where you use those generated passwords

  20. try not to use dictionary word, your NRIC, phone numbers, And, or your name - not even if it spelled backwards!

  21. These are just some advice On how to practice a good password. It is hoped that this knowledge will not only benefit individual Malaysian users, but also Malaysia as a WHOLE. Conclusion

  22. The End background Music "Strangers" by Liar Game II