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Seccion Amarilla USA PowerPoint Presentation
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Seccion Amarilla USA

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Seccion Amarilla USA
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Seccion Amarilla USA

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  1. Seccion Amarilla is an International Brand

  2. Seccion Amarilla, one of the largest publishers of Spanish-language Yellow Pages in North America is an international brand. It was established a century ago with the mission to be a successful leader in the marketing and multimedia advertising industries. It has become a Spanish Yellow Pages market leader by providing effective advertising products and services to businesses of all sorts. As an affiliate of Telmex International, Seccion Amarilla has 100 years of experience in the Spanish Yellow Pages Industry.

  3. Its wireless yellow pages directory application can assist you in finding anything you need in a fast and easy way. Seccion Amarilla also offers a wide variety of multimedia products through its print, Internet and mobile media platforms. The company has recently incorporated new multimedia features to meet modern demands and has announced new search applications for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Blackberry devices. With the help of these tools, businesses can connect with countless users.

  4. Seccion Amarilla USA offers effective and targeted advertising products and services in the United States. This provides advertisers with an opportunity to connect with the Hispanic community. Seccion Amarilla USA offers systematic consumer product categories for Hispanics. About 79% of Hispanics use Seccion Amarilla's services in order to search for products on the internet. It is a reliable, trustworthy, and flexible advertising medium and offers value both for the user as well for the advertiser.

  5. Currently, Seccion Amarilla prints directories in Mexico, United States, Peru, Argentina, and Colombia. The company plans to continue expanding its coverage to new markets in the North America. To learn more about this international brand, visit