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About Seccion Amarilla USA PowerPoint Presentation
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About Seccion Amarilla USA

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About Seccion Amarilla USA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Seccion Amarilla USA is a Leader in Spanish Yellow Pages

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Seccion Amarilla is a leader in the Spanish Yellow Pages industry and has over 100 years of experience. It has been Mexico's yellow pages company for over 114 years. At present Seccion Amarilla prints directories in Mexico, United States, Peru, Argentina and Colombia. Seccion Amarilla offers a variety of consumer product categories for Hispanics, such as groceries, clothing, footwear, and gasoline. About 79% of Hispanics use Seccion Amarilla services in order to search products on the internet.


Seccion Amarilla USA covers a wide range of products and services including print, online, and mobile solutions. By providing effective and targeted advertising products and services at a low cost, Seccion Amarilla USA has become a Spanish Yellow Pages market leader. It has become an influential media in the purchase decision of products and services in the USA.


Recently, Seccion Amarilla USA has announced its latest search applications for iPhone, iPod Touch and Blackberry devices. These applications help businesses to connect with online users. At the Seccion Amarilla USA website, users can easily search a business by either selecting the city of their choice or by accessing the city guide directory to view additional cities of U.S.


Seccion Amarilla is an international brand with over 100 years of experience in the Spanish Yellow Pages Industry. An affiliate of Telmex International, it offers access to its online Spanish directory 24 hours, 7 days a week. To learn more please visit