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Argument Writing Structure PowerPoint Presentation
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Argument Writing Structure

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Argument Writing Structure - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Argument Writing Structure. A model. Intro. Hook Road Map (Reasons) Should outline the reasons to be talked about in the essay Claim. Intro. Example.

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Argument Writing Structure

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  • Hook
  • Road Map (Reasons)
    • Should outline the reasons to be talked about in the essay
  • Claim
intro example
Intro. Example
  • Smoking kills. Even though studies have shown that cigarettes can cause many different forms of disease, many people still refuse to kick the habit. Doctors now agree that smoking is bad for the body. Studies have shown that smoking yellows teeth, causes bad breath, and can lead to multiple forms of cancer. Furthermore, smoking is a very expensive habit. In order to stop people from hurting themselves, cigarettes should be counted as a dangerous drug and smoking should be banned.
body paragraphs
Body Paragraphs
  • Topic Sentence
  • 2-3 pieces of supporting details
    • Evidence
      • Fact, Statistic, and Examples
  • Transition Sentence
1 st body example
1st Body Example

Smoking should be banned because it causes many forms of cancer. Tobacco smoke contains 250 chemicals, 69 of which can lead to cancer. Most people know that smoking can lead to lung cancer, but it also has been known to cause cancers of the mouth, esophagus, kidney, bladder, and stomach. Ultimately, these cancers may lead to death. According to the Center for Disease Control cigarette smoking kills more than 440,000 Americans each year. Aside from health and longevity, there are other reasons to ban smoking.