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Transportation Resource Unit

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Transportation Resource Unit. Jennifer Schaeffer Ashley Christian Dr. Helms EDE 417. General Theme. Unit: Social Studies Grade Level: Kindergarten Lesson: Transportation. Theme.

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transportation resource unit

TransportationResource Unit

Jennifer Schaeffer

Ashley Christian

Dr. Helms

EDE 417

general theme
General Theme

Unit: Social Studies

Grade Level: Kindergarten

Lesson: Transportation


Transportation is a part of our everyday world. It is important for students to understand that there are different types and what goes along with those different types.

This is a week long unit about transportation. It will help the children to understand what transportation is, and the different modes that go along with it. Whether it be sea, air or land they will learn all about how there are several different ways to get around this world.


The Student will -

1.Be able to identify the three modes of transportation. (land, air, sea)

2. Be able to categorize different types of transportation into the correct mode.

3. Be able to identify at least 5 different types of transportation.















activity 1
Activity 1
  • Materials: Play luggage, Play clothes, passports, food, tickets, play money.

1.Divide the children into 4 groups. Give each group a type of transportation. (bus, boat, plane, train)

2. Have each group decide what they would need for their type of transportation and have them role play a trip to wherever they want based on their type of transportation.

activity 2
Activity 2
  • Materials: toy cars, trucks, buses, etc.
  • Give each child one toy type of transportation. Discuss the different ways they can be categorized.
  • Have them get into groups of transportation that travel by air, sea and land.
  • Then have them group themselves into smaller groups such as trucks (semi, pickup, dump), buses (city, school), planes (helicopters, Jets), bicycles (unicycle, tricycle), etc.
activity 3
Activity 3
  • Materials: Bikes, tricycles, road signs.

1. If it is nice outside, set up a roadway with road signs outside.

2. Have students learn what the different signs mean and role play using the bikes and tricycles.

activity 4
Activity 4
  • Materials: Chart paper, markers.
  • Poll the students about how they get to school in the morning, and how they leave in the afternoon.
  • Make a bar graph for morning and afternoon. Compare each graph with itself and the other graph.
activity 5
Activity 5
  • Materials: old magazines, chart paper, scissors, glue, markers.
  • Make 3 posters using chart paper with the headings of land, air, and sea.
  • Have students sort through old magazines and cut out as many types of transportation they can find.
  • Have them glue and label the pictures onto the correct piece of chart paper.
  • Multiple Choice
  • This type of transportation travels by air?
      • car c. plane
      • boat d. bus
  • This type of transportation travels by sea?
      • car c. plane
      • boat d. bus
  • This type of transportation travels by land?
      • boat c. bus
      • plane d. helicopter

4. When a traffic light is red what does this mean?

a. go c. go faster

b. slow down d. stop

5. When a traffic light is green what does this mean?

a. go c. go faster

b. slow down d. stop

  • Name two ways to travel on land.
  • What would you use to get to Hawaii?
  • Compare and contrast the different types of transportation.
  • Describe the importance of safety rules while traveling on the road.
student resources
Student Resources
  • Books
    • Are we There yet, Daddy? By Virginia Walters
      • A boy and his father travel by car to the boy’s grandmother’s house. They look at all of the sight along the way.
    • Everything I Know About Cars By Tom Lictenheld
      • A collection of made up facts, educated guesses, and silly pictures about cars, trucks and other zoomy things.
student resources15
Student Resources
  • Books
    • The Polar Express By Chris Van Allsburg
      • A book about children taking a train to the north pole to meet Santa Clause.
    • Transportation Theme-A-Saurus By Carol Gnojewski and Gary Mohrman
      • The great big book of things on the move.
    • Transportation (Questions and Answers Paperbacks) By Editors of Kingfisher
      • A book of facts that uncovers answers about aircrafts, vessels, and vehicles and the world of transportation.
student resources16
Student Resources
  • Websites
    • Test your knowledge about signs and traffic safety issues
    • A site for kids filled with games, trivia and activities.
teacher resources
Teacher Resources
  • Resources, lessons and activities:
  • Books, games, and crafts
  • Website with several transportation activities
teacher resource
Teacher Resource
  • Crafts, activities, and recipes
  • Activities and Lessons
  • Theme unit books
teacher resources19
Teacher resources
  • Website with lesson ideas etc.
  • Website with lessons, songs, games for teachers
  • Website of traffic safety for children
teacher resources20
Teacher Resources
  • Website with games and activities for teachers
  • Website for teachers with activities
  • Website with transportation activities
teacher resources21
Teacher resources
  • Music about travel and transportation
  • This website makes lesson plans available for teachers
  • Transportation lesson plans
teacher resources22
Teacher resources
  • Songs and poems for kids on transportation
  • A website with coloring pages, crafts and printables
media resources
Media Resources
  • Movies
    • “The Wright Brothers at Kittyhawk: A Charlie Brown Video”
      • A video about Charlie Brown and his friends going back in time to meet the Wright brothers and the invention of the Plane.
    • Polar Express
      • A movie about children taking a train to the north pole to meet Santa Clause.
  • Songs
    • Little Airplane (Tune: Frere Jacques) Little airplane, little airplane, In the sky, in the sky, I can see you soaring, I can see you soaring, Up so high, Up so high.
    • Row, Row, Row Your Boat
    • Twinkle Twinkle Traffic Light Standing on the Corner Bright Green means GO, we all know Yellow means WAIT, even if you're late Red means STOP...... Twinkle Twinkle Traffic Light, Standing on the Corner bright
  • Songs
    • (To the tune of Old MacDonald) Pete the Pilot has a plane. Zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom. And on that plane there are some wings. Zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom. With a zoom, zoom, here......Other verses: Dan the driver has car, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, (car has a horn)...The engineer has a train, chug, chug, chug, chug, chug, (has a smokestack)
    • DOWN BY THE STATION Down by the station Early in the morning See the little puffer bellies All in a row. See the station master Turn the little handle Puff, puff, toot, toot - Off we go!"
  • Online Game
      • A game where you create a hedgehog and travel around town using different modes of transportation.
      • Match mode of transportation with the scenery provided
      • Students will have jigsaw pieces and form pictures of modes of transportation into puzzle.
  • Online games
      • Several games for kids about transportation
      • This website offers several interactive games that allow children to understand the change and development of transportation throughout time.
  • Field Trip
    • Take a field trip to the local airport, bus station or train station
  • Books on Tape
    • The Big Balloon Race By Eleanor Coerr
      • This is a book about Ariel and her mother flying there balloon in a suspense filled race. Based on actual event.
    • Mable the Cable Car By Virginia Lee Burton
      • Mable is a cable car in San Francisco. The townfathers decide that the cable cars are old fashion and want to replace them.
  • Pictures
    • Transportation coloring pages
      • Student can find pictures of modes of transportation to color.