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Spanish Explorers Come To Texas

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Spanish Explorers Come To Texas - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 5.2. Spanish Explorers Come To Texas. Did Columbus Succeed?. Did he find a new route to China (Asia)? No Did he bring diseases to the Americas? Yes Did he enslave, torture & kill thousands of Taino natives? Yes Did he discover a New World? Yes. Timed Pair Share.

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Presentation Transcript
did columbus succeed
Did Columbus Succeed?
  • Did he find a new route to China (Asia)? No
  • Did he bring diseases to the Americas? Yes
  • Did he enslave, torture & kill thousands of Taino natives? Yes
  • Did he discover a New World? Yes
timed pair share
Timed Pair Share
  • Do you think Christopher Columbus succeeded in his expedition? Explain your answer.
alonzo alvarez de pi eda
Alonzo Alvarez de Piñeda
  • In 1519, Piñedabecame the first European to map the Texas coast.
  • He also established the 1st Spanish colony.
alvar nu ez cabeza de vaca
AlvarNuñezCabeza de Vaca
  • Following a hurricane in 1528, Cabeza de Vaca & his men landed in Galveston Bay where they were captured by the Karankawas.
  • As a result, he became the first European to see the interior of Texas.
round robin
Round Robin
  • How would you have felt if you were one of Cabeza de Vaca’s crew who was captured by the Karankawas? What would you have done?
alvar nu ez cabeza de vaca1
AlvarNuñezCabeza de Vaca
  • Cabeza de Vaca became the 1st European to write about Texas in his book “La Relacion”.
  • He wrote about the natives, fertile soil & “humped-back cows” (buffalo).
7 cities of cibola
7 Cities of Cibola
  • He also told of the legends of the “7 Cities of Cibola” that he had heard from the natives.
  • These tales of cities of gold inspired more Europeans to explore Texas.
the 3 g s
The 3 G’s
  • The Spanish had 3 main motivations for exploring the “New World”, which were known as the 3 G’s.

1. Gold: The Spanish wanted to increase their global wealth.

the 3 g s1
The 3 G’s

2. Glory: Expeditions were led by conquistadores looking for fame for themselves

the 3 g s2
The 3 G’s

3. God: The Catholic Church agreed to help support the expeditions to convert Native Texans to Catholicism & increase wealth for the church

mural project
Mural Project
  • Create a mural of a scene that Cabeza de Vaca might have seen when traveling with Native Texans on a Large Construction Paper or Posterboard.
  • Use Mural Handout as a guide.
  • Write a summary of what is seen in the mural.
  • Due on Tuesday, October 2nd
mural project grading
Mural Project Grading
  • Creativity (25%)
    • Must be original & creative
  • Correct Information (25%)
    • Design & information must deal with Cabeza de Vaca’s encounters with Native Texans
  • Neatness & Color (25%)
    • Must not be messy or in simple black & white
  • Summary (25%)
    • Summary must by typed (Font size 12).
    • Must contain proper grammar & length must be a half page minimum.