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Sophia Joseph Honors English 11 . Anger . Anger is an emotion that someone has within them selves. The color associated with anger is dark red. Chris Brown .

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Sophia joseph honors english 11

Sophia Joseph

Honors English 11


  • Anger is an emotion that someone has within them selves.

  • The color associated with anger is dark red.

Chris brown
Chris Brown

  • Chris Brown sin is anger because he is always angry. He has a major problem for angry which he had to go to rehab for. Plus he now has a reason to be more angry because he facing 4 years in prison.

Sophia joseph honors english 11

  • Lust mean when you have a sexually desire about someone.

  • The color of lust is Blue.

Justin bieber
Justin Bieber

  • Justin Bieber sin is lust because he always cheating on Selena Gomez. He can never stick to just one women he is always looking for more.

Sophia joseph honors english 11

  • Envy means to admire someone that you jealous of them.

  • The color of Envy is Green.

Demi moor
Demi Moor

  • Demi Moor sin is Envy because she recently got divorced with Ashton Kutcher and Ashton is now engaged with Mila Kunis and she is pregnant. She sees that he is happy and moving on with her life and there is everything going for Ashton right now and nothing is happening for her.


  • Pride is a feeling of honor and someone feeling very proud of them selves.

  • The color of Pride is Violet.

Kanye west
Kanye West

  • Kanye West sin is pride because he is so full of himself. He doesn’t see anything wrong with him and everything about him screams shallow.


  • Sloth means to be lazy.

  • The color of Sloth is Light Blue.

Rich kids of beverly hills
Rich Kids of Beverly hills

  • Rich kids of Beverly Hills sins is Sloth because they don’t do anything to be where they at. All they do is spend money and sit around and don’t do anything with there life. They only think of them selves and they count on other people to take care of them.


  • Greed is the desire to want more wealth or anything else for that matters.

  • The color of Greed is Yellow.

Heidi spencer
Heidi & Spencer

  • Heidi & Spencer sin is greed because they are power hungry. They always want more. Nothing is ever enough for them they thrive for money, cars, and power.


  • Gluttony means to over do something to your self.

  • Color of Gluttony is Orange.

Lindsay lohan
Lindsay Lohan

  • Lindsay Lohan sin is Gluttony because she always one more of something that is harming her body. She has an addition to drugs, alcohol, and fame. She always doing something that has a bad affect to her body.