constitution review i n.
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Constitution Review I PowerPoint Presentation
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Constitution Review I

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Constitution Review I - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Constitution Review I
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Presentation Transcript

  1. Constitution Review I

  2. The Supreme Law of The Land

  3. “We The People of the United States…”

  4. The Three Parts of the Constitution

  5. Year the Constitution Was Written

  6. The Introduction of the Constitution

  7. The Main Body of the Constitution is Called? • How Many does the Constitution contain?

  8. These were added to the constitution after it was written? (To change) • How many have been added to the constitution?

  9. The First 10 Amendments are called?

  10. Article I Review

  11. The Branch of Government described in Article I of the Constitution

  12. The job of the Legislative Branch.

  13. The Legislative Branch is made up of what main body?

  14. The number of representatives in Congress

  15. The 2 houses that make up Congress

  16. The number of houses in the legislative branch.

  17. How Congressmen are put in office

  18. How many representatives are in the House of Representatives?

  19. What is the number of representatives based on in the House of Representatives?

  20. How long is the term for a representative in the House of Representatives?

  21. What are the 3 qualifications for a representative in the House of Representatives?

  22. Who is the leader of the House of Representatives?

  23. Whose job is it to begin impeachment proceedings?

  24. Which house is in charge of the census?

  25. In what house in Congress do money bills start in?

  26. How many senators are in the Senate?

  27. How many senators does each state have?

  28. How long is a senator’s term?

  29. What are the 3 requirements to be a senator?

  30. Who is in charge of the Senate?

  31. Who is in charge of the Senate if the Vice President is absent?

  32. Who must approve government officials appointed by the President?

  33. What is an idea called before it becomes a law? (This is presented in the House or the Senate)

  34. What fraction of Congress is needed to override a veto? (part of checks and balances)

  35. What can the Legislative Branch do if the President vetoes a bill?

  36. Who has the power to declare war?

  37. Who has the power to establish a post office?

  38. Who has the power to coin money?

  39. Who has the power to provide a military?

  40. Who has the power to regulate trade between the states?

  41. Who has the power to tax, borrow money, establish a system of weights and measurements, and naturalization?

  42. Article II Review

  43. What branch of government does Article II of the Constitution set up?

  44. What is the job of the executive branch?

  45. Who is the head of the executive branch?

  46. How long is the term of the President?

  47. Who is second in command in the executive branch?

  48. What body elects the president?

  49. How is the number of electors for each state determined?

  50. Who chooses the president in the case of a tie in the electoral college?