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Cheap Holidys to Rhodes | Search A Holidays

Discover this glorious island on Cheap Holidays To Rhodes, explore the ancient ruins and the spectacular beaches. For more information call us 0203 883 8247.

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Cheap Holidys to Rhodes | Search A Holidays

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  1. Cheap Holidays to Rhodes – The Island of the Nights There was a time when Rhodes was the abode of the Night Templers; who were exceptional warriors and also involved in banking. They defended the Christian lands from Islamic forces and fought crusades and eventually captured the holy land of Jerusalem. On this Rhodes holidays, explore the land of the Night Templers and find out about their glorious history. Besides the glorious ancient history, the island has a spectacular coastline and sandy beaches. Discover the beautiful coast on this Cheap holidays To Rhodes. Glorious Coastline on Rhodes holidays There is no dearth of scintillating beaches around the Rhodes Island. Besides, the sandy coves and blue waters, there are plenty of facilities, which includes taverns, bar, and restaurants. The conditions are perfect to indulge in water sports. Hence, a great opportunity to head towards the beaches, and go for windsurfing and kite surfing. On this Holidays to Rhodes, discover the glorious coastline. Lindos Beach: Everything in Rhodes is connected to some mythical past. Lindos beach is no exception. The beach is located in the southern region of Rhodes Island. The beach received its name from the old chapel near the shore. The chapel is supposed to be built in the memory of Saint Paul who visited this place in 43 A.D and preached Christianity. Swim through the turquoise waters and experience the serenity or stroll around the golden sand. Maybe, relax on the sunbed and enjoy the serenity. Tsambika beach: Twenty five kilometers south of Rhodes is Tsambika beach situated around the huge rock formation. In the midst of the rocks is the Monastery of Tsambika, hence the name of the beach is Tsambika. Bask under the sun or take dip in the turquoise waters, relax on the golden sand or maybe go for a more challenging water sports. Faliraki Beach: Located in the southern region 16 KM south, this is an ideal place for anyone interested in windsurfing and water skiing. It’s certainly a paradise for anyone interested in water sports. The glorious 4 km coastline is worth exploring and also an ideal place to unwind and relax. Go for colorful seabed and enjoy the surroundings scenic wonders. There are plenty of restaurants, taverns and beach bars around the coast. Rhodes Holidays Explore the Ancient History

  2. The Archeological Museum is a must visit on this Rhodes cheap holidays all inclusive. The Museum consists of innumerable artifacts collected from various islands. The museum is a legacy of the Night Templers, above all there artifacts of various Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses. Colossus of Rhodes is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. It was the result of the victory of Rhodes over Cyprus. The Statue was destroyed even melted and sold to the Jewish merchants during the Arab conquests. However, the ruin is the reminiscence of a dynamic history. Museum of the Modern Greek Art This glorious museum has a philosophical importance. It was there to promote Greek universalism and its cultural identity. Hence, there is a plethora of Artwork and various sculptures and drawings to promote the philosophy. Great opportunity to explore this wonderful island on Cheap Holidays to Rhodes, grab best deals, for more information call us 0203 883 8247.

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