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Chapter 19

Chapter 19

Chapter 19. Comparative Genomics and the Evolution of Animal Diversity. 周亚萍 生科 1 班 200331060105. The evolution of diversity among organisms is not due to the presence of different specialized genes. Rather,animal evolution depends on deploying the same set of genes in different ways.

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A. PUbx Gal4 > GFP. γ Ubx. B. C. 120. γ Ubx. γ GFP. 100. 100. 80. 80. γ GFP. A1. 60. wt. arm Gal4 > VCU. 60. % of arm expression level. % of wt A1 expression level. γ Ubx. 40. γ GFP. 40. T2. 20. 20. γ Ubx γ GFP. 0. 0. arm Gal4 > VCU (1). PUbx Gal4 > VCU (2). 2.

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Quiz#8 	LC710		10/20/10	name___________

Quiz#8 LC710 10/20/10 name___________

Quiz#8 LC710 10/20/10 name___________. Q1 (3pts) : I have the UBX homeodomain sequence and want to determine ( in vivo ) the optimal binding sites. I know that TAATTG is a good in vitro binding site and know that TAAT is absolutely

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