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Conventional Facilities Status. Martin Fallier, Conventional Facilities Div. Director Conventional Facilities Advisory Committee Review October 5-6, 2010. Outline. Baseline Overview Scope, Cost & Schedule Organization Progress Since Last R eview Technical Progress

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Presentation Transcript
Conventional facilities status

Conventional Facilities Status

Martin Fallier, Conventional Facilities Div. Director

Conventional Facilities Advisory Committee Review

October 5-6, 2010


Baseline Overview

Scope, Cost & Schedule


Progress Since Last Review

Technical Progress

Cost & Schedule Performance



Charge Items

Recommendation tracking

Baseline scope
Baseline Scope

WBS 1.5 Conventional Facilities

Added Scope HXN Beamline Addition Addition to LOB 3 structure

Nsls ii site plan
NSLS-II Site Plan



With Full LOB Build-Out




Ring bldg overall floor plan
Ring Bldg Overall Floor Plan


Storage Ring & Booster Tunnel

Experimental Floor

Access Corridor

Service Buildings

LOB’s 1, 2, & 3 Base Scope

Future LOB’s

Earth Berm






Process Cooling

Water Bldg

Vehicle Tunnel



LOB First Floor Plan

  • 57 One person Offices

  • Two people Offices

  • Six people Offices

  • Wet Laboratories

  • Dry Laboratories

  • Machine Shop

  • Conference Rooms

  • 1 Loading/Storage Area

Total = 38,000 gsf

Each Lab = 480 nsf

LOB Exterior Perspectives

LOB Roofline

LOB Entry

Wbs 1 5 cost baseline
WBS 1.5 Cost Baseline




Major Increases or changes:

Includes added CM staffing (~$0.9M) and holding place for const. safety incentive ($1M)

Incorporated cost for larger LOBs after LOB award (~$9M)

Incorporated post bid addendum and miscellaneous scope and field changes

Incorporated HXN beamline building cost (~$1.6M)

Incorporated full data and communication cost in Integrated control, comm & data

Technical progress
Technical Progress

  • Ring Building contract

    Excellent progress, maintaining status on or ahead of schedule

    • SR Tunnel concrete complete except opening at Pentant 5

      • Opening used for interior courtyard access

    • Experimental Floor complete to Pentant5

    • Structural steel complete except opening at P5 and Injection Bldg

    • Building enclosure, roofing and siding making good progress

    • Utility system installation nearing completion in interior of ring

    • Unit substations 6 of 8 are installed, last two in progress

    • Cooling Tower Building enclosure 95% complete, MEP underway

    • Mechanical, electrical, plumbing underway in P1, P2, P3, & P4

    • Booster and Linac tunnel concrete nearly complete

Technical progress1
Technical Progress

  • Chilled Water Plant Expansion Contract

    Running on/ahead of schedule

    • CCWF, Cooling Tower and Pump-house Buildings complete

    • Equipment installation in all areas nearly complete

    • Instruments and controls installation underway

    • Equipment start-up and commissioning to begin in October

  • Electrical Substation Expansion Contract

    Running on schedule

    • Ductbank installed & 15kV switchgear installed in building

    • 20 MVA transformer delivered, placed & tied-in

    • Installation of cabling in progress

    • Major cable pull to NSLS-II site in October

Technical progress cont d
Technical Progress cont’d

  • Chilled Water Piping

    Tie-in at central main and NSLS-II site complete

    • Last section of pipe to be installed and tested this week

    • Site restoration and contract completion in October

    • Chilled water available for the site for start-up and commissioning

  • LOB Construction

    Contract awarded, mobilization underway

    • Bonds and insurance received

    • HASP reviewed and being revised, NTP likely within 1 week

    • Held Torcon/EW Howell site coordination mtg

    • Held kick-off and schedule planning mtgs

    • Submitted HXN Building addition pkg to GC’s for price proposal

    • Construction underway in October, complete spring of 2012

One year ago
One Year Ago

Photo From BGRR Stack 9-21-09

Vehicle Tunnel

SR Tunnel Wall Forms

SR Tunnel Slab

Status of construction Site at FY09 End

Technical progresstoday
Technical ProgressToday

Photo From BGRR Stack 9-20-10

Clg Twr Bldg

Booster Tunnel

Roof Deck

Roof Insulation

Finished SSM Roof

Opening @ P5

Exterior Siding

Lobby Curtain-wall

Opening for LOB 1

  • SR tunnel and structural steel complete except P5 opening

  • Roof deck complete, Insulation to P5, Finished SSM Roof at P1

  • P1, & 2,Cooling Twr, RF & Compressor Bldg Enclosure all underway

  • Utility installation ~80% complete in inner courtyard

Technical progress cont d1
Technical Progress cont’d

  • SR Tunnel – Painted, Conduit , Lighting & Ductwork Installed

Exterior Siding

  • Pentant -1 – Ductwork & Piping In Place

Technical progress cont d2
Technical Progress cont’d

  • Injection Bldg Booster Ring Tunnel

Vehicle Tunnel Nearly Ready For Use

  • RF Area Unit Substation

Overall cost and schedule assessment
Overall Cost and Schedule Assessment

  • Cost Assessment: Cumulative cost variance $+2.3M or +1.8%

    • On budget - CPI =1.02

  • Schedule Assessment: Cumulative schedule variance $+5.9M or +4.7%

    • On or slightly ahead of schedule - SPI =1.05

Variance analysis
Variance Analysis

  • Cost Variance +$2.3M

    • Temporary positive cost variance due to differences in accrued vs monthly invoiced values

    • Actual positive cost variance ~ $400k due to miscellaneous small underruns - >91% of remaining work is under fixed price contract

    • This variance expected to go to zero $ as contracts are closed out

  • Schedule Variance +$5.6 M

    • Work in P1 – P5 ahead of plan for concrete, steel, enclosure and mechanical, electrical & plumbing

    • Work on Cooling Tower & Process Water Systems ahead of plan

    • Remaining contracts on or close to plan


  • Construction Safety - program must continue to be effective

    • Substantial performance improvement since 9/30/09 accident

    • Increased number of construction safety engineers to 3, soon to be 4

    • Continually working with GC to improve program

  • Potential for field changes, errors/omissions thru construction

    • Running ~ 1.5% - see following slide for breakdown of status to date

  • Potential for design changes from ASD & XFD

    • Running ~ 1.5% - see following slide for breakdown of status to date

    • System coordination is now complete – risk reduced

  • Risks of Ring Bldg GC and LOB GC conflicts

    • Effective plan and requirements for coexisting on the site

Ring bldg contract change status
Ring Bldg Contract Change status

  • As of 9/30/10 will have completed $101M work – 57%

  • Changes due to approved scope changes or design maturity

    • $1.58M to date or ~1.5% of work to date

    • Weekly interface mtgs effective at identifying changes early

  • Changes due to design errors & omissions

    • $1.56M to date or ~1.5% of work to date

    • This includes projected estimate of changes not yet agreed upon

  • Changes due to existing conditions

    • Very low at just $130k – no more of these changes likely

  • Weekly mtg w/GC to expedite resolution of changes


  • Continued focus on contractor safety performance is essential

  • Need to maintain close oversight of detailed contractor schedule activities needed to achieve BORE’s

  • Engineering staff heavily loaded

    • Process of resolving and implementing contract changes is labor intensive

    • Possible added scope from ASD & XFD will add to load

    • Engineering involvement required for start-up and commissioning

      Mitigating factors

    • LOB document submittal/review phase starting up as Ring bldg winds down

    • Workload should ease soon as CHW and Electric Utility pkgs are completed


  • CF activities are on budget and on or ahead of schedule

  • Contractor safety program has improved substantially

    • Applying lessons learned to LOB safety program

  • Construction proceeding well

    • CHW& elect substation winding down – move focus to LOB

  • LOB mobilization underway and progressing well

  • Getting ready for equipment start-up and commissioning

  • On track for 1stRing Bldg beneficial occupancy 2/11 & Ring Bldg construction completion 4/12

Charge items
Charge Items

  • Are Conventional Facilities Division’s plans &performance consistent with achieving project cost, schedule, and technical objectives

    • Covered in multiple status presentations

  • Are the plans and measures to assure construction worker safety appropriate and effective at minimizing potential for worker injury?

    • See Ken Krasner Presentation on Construction safety

  • Are the proper plans, measures and resources in place for effectively managing the coexistence of the Ring Building and LOB contractors on the same construction site?

    • See Mike Bromfield Presentation on LOB and Ring Bldg GC Coexistance

  • Are the plans and measures to assume beneficial occupancy of the facilities sufficient to enable orderly installation of accelerator systems and eventual transition to operations?

    • Covered in multiple presentations on BORE, ASD Installation & Ops planning