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Sean Kemery serves as a director and senior trader at Deutsche Bank in New York City. Sean Kemery holds a bachelor\'s degree in economics from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York.

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Sean kemery

Sean Kemery

Sean Kemery handles commodities trading and indexes as a director and senior trader at

Deutsche Bank AG in New York. Since joining the company in 2010, he has been responsible for

successfully trading positions, bringing in new clients and maintaining relationships with

existing ones, and is known for consistent trading results through varying market conditions.

Sean Kemeryalso established and manages the company’s multi-billion-dollar business lines on

major commodity indexes.

Experienced New York Trader Sean Kemery

Mr. Kemery began his successful career after graduating from Skidmore College with his

bachelor of arts in economics and taking the position of trader assistant at Merrill Lynch &

Company. Working there he gained valuable experience in trading retail and institutional order

flow in the NASDAQ. He subsequently went on to be a junior trader at Raimund Commodities

and a trader and partner at MP Commodities. In 2005, he joined AIG Financial Products as a

vice president and senior trader. He earned his Series 3, 7, and 63 licenses and was responsible

for trading for one of Wall Street’s largest commodity books. He then spent a year working for

UBS AG before starting in his current position.

With 15 years of results-driven experience on Wall Street, Sean Kemery currently serves as

director and senior trader at Deutsche Bank in New York. He holds a bachelor’s degree in

Sean kemery

economics from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York. Outside of his professional

obligations, Sean Kemery makes generous contributions to a variety of philanthropic causes,

including Autism Speaks.

A charitable organization has created an urban farm in Chicago that provides agriculture

training and employment to young adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Using grant monies received from Autism Speaks and other organizations, Growing Solutions

Farms, managed by the Julie and Michael Tracy Family Foundation (JMTF)/Urban Autism

Solutions, turned a once-vacant piece of land on Chicago’s West Side into an acre-sized

vocational and life training ground.

More than 30 young men and women from area schools and JMTF residents were hired as paid

interns on the farm. Not only did the experience allow them to earn money, it also helped them

to develop skills such as following a schedule, performing specific tasks, and asking for help

when needed, which can assist in their transition to adulthood.

It also allowed them to conduct meaningful work by helping to produce more than 5,000

pounds of vegetables. Work on the farm has helped boost their self-confidence, which can

support them as they navigate their lives.

Based in New York, Sean Kemery served as a senior trader at Deutsche Bank, focusing on

commodities such as oil, gold, coffee, and sugar. Sean Kemery maintains a strong interest in the

financial sphere and follows macro-level trends for various commodities.

In making trading decisions, technical analysis is often employed to determine entry and exit

points. Predictive charts are generated to consider factors such as volume and price patterns.

Moving averages (MA) are a key indicator within this and involve finding the average closing

price over a specified period of time. Taking a close look at the MA can often yield insight into

hidden trends and get beyond the random short-term fluctuations that occur with any equity.

Another popular indicator of momentum is the relative strength index (RSI), which sets in place

a 0 to 100 scale that helps determine whether the market is currently oversold or overbought.

Typically, a RSI of 70 and above is seen as an indicator of an overbought situation and under 30

of an oversold situation. That said, traders often set in place their own preferred parameters,

which rely on a complex range of commodity- and market-specific inputs.

Throughout his career in commodity trading, Sean Kemery has served in various capacities for

such firms as Merrill Lynch & Company, AIG Financial Products, and UBS AG. Currently, he leads

the commodity index trading division as a senior director at Deutsche Bank in New York City.

Sean kemery

Away from his professional responsibilities, Sean Kemery practices Brazilian jujitsu at several

New York City gyms, where he has earned a blue belt. His interest in combat sports extends to

watching mixed martial arts and particularly the UFC matches of athletes like Jose Aldo and

Anthony Pettis. Physically active, Mr. Kemery also enjoys a range of outdoor pursuits, including

shooting, hiking and fly-fishing.