three habits you didn t know could damage your teeth n.
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Three Habits You Didn’t Know Could Damage Your Teeth PowerPoint Presentation
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Three Habits You Didn’t Know Could Damage Your Teeth

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Three Habits You Didn’t Know Could Damage Your Teeth - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Three Habits You Didn’t Know Could Damage Your Teeth
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  1. Three Habits You Didn’t Know Could Damage Your Teeth

  2. First impressions last and when it comes to making a good one, a perfect smile is a key ingredient. It’s one of the first things people see – during job interviews, social events and romantic dates just to name a few.

  3. We are always advised to take care of our teeth and some of us even go the distance of going to cosmetic dentists to improve the appearance of our pearly whites.

  4. However, we might be doing things that we are not aware are ruining our teeth. This can be from simple mannerisms, seemingly harmless habits, to body piercing.

  5. Their effects may not be obvious immediately, but they do manifest over time. If you want your teeth to last a lifetime, avoid these four habits.

  6. 1. Getting Your Tongue Pierced

  7. From rock stars to Hollywood celebrities, getting a tongue piercing has become one of the more daring fashion statements of our time. The tongue does not only play a crucial role in how we taste and eat our food.

  8. It’s likewise a crucial component in speech. To make sounds, a tongue moves in different directions and often it collides with the teeth.

  9. A hard foreign object, such as a tongue barbell, can chip or shave teeth over time. The damage may not be visible to the naked eye and it may take dental x-rays to assess the extent of the injury. These small cracks will worsen over time and can cause other problems such as toothache and tooth decay.

  10. 2. Brushing Your Teeth Immediately after Eating

  11. Toothpaste and toothbrush commercials always remind us to brush our teeth every after meal. What these advertisements fail to say is brushing your teeth immediately after a meal can do more harm than good.

  12. When eating, the mouth becomes more acidic and in this condition, the enamel coating of the teeth is softer. Brushing at this time can scrape off the enamel making our teeth more vulnerable, especially if this is done every day.

  13. Dentists recommend that you wait 30 minutes to one hour after meals before brushing. This will allow the acidity in your mouth to neutralize as well as for our teeth to gain the minerals they might have lost while eating.

  14. 3. Grinding Your Teeth when Stressed

  15. People grind their teeth as a coping mechanism for stress and it’s more common that you think. According to experts, this can wear down your teeth and make you look up to 20 years older than you are.

  16. Also, this habit can scrape the top and lower enamel of the teeth that can cause cavities or tooth decay. If you are a teeth grinder, your dentist can create a mouth guard to help you stop the habit and protect your teeth. Many people grind their teeth during sleep, and a mouth guard is especially helpful then.

  17. Overcoming the bad habits that might be damaging your teeth may be difficult and many people need professional help. Consulting your dentist on everyday routines that might be ruining your teeth is your best option.

  18. The highly competent cosmetic dentists at Shumway Dental Care in Chandler AZ can offer you professional advice on how achieve optimal dental health.