deal optimizer saving money big time l.
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Optmize your deal to get the best of coupons , cash back and more. Maximize your savings with zaarrro effort

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First step to great savings:

Type shop name in text box.

It is easier to find the shop if we type only partial name. (e.g. “Kohl” instead of “Kohls” , “Carter” instead of “Carter’s”,etc.)

Now click the "FindBest CashBack for me!!!”

Second step to great savings:

Here you see coupon names alongside expiration and value

Here you see the cashback you gain


What is Cash back?

Cash back is a form of return on the purchase you made as a percentage of the total deal value.

E.g. , if you buy something in Carter’s for 100$ and it has 10% cashback , it means you will get 10$ back .

Nothing is more joyful than getting accredited in your account!!!

How do coupons work for you ?

Coupons give you a discount for a certain shop.

E.G Free shipping for purchases over 50$ , or 15$ OFF a purchase of 60$ , etc.

Optimized shopping experience:

1.Enter .

2.Type shop name in which we want to conduct the purchase.

3.Click on the cashback link , which in turn will connect you to the online shop.

4.During CheckOut enter all relevant coupons to maximize possible savings!!!

Happy shopping 