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10 Things To Do Before Riding A Motorcycle - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Here are ten things to do before riding a motorcycle that novices and experienced riders need to know. For more info visit www.sctvshop.com

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10 Things To Do Before

Riding A Motorcycle



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Motorcycles are cool. There is nothing as freeing as riding down highways

with the wind in your hair. Passing people in their cars, which from a

rider's perspective are isolating, artificial boring metal shells interacting

with the world frame by frame like watching a slow moving TV reel. A lot

of motorcycle riders and enthusiasts talk it as if were a religion. Something

that gets you in touch with those deep parts of you that no one can get to.

For that moment when you are on the bike, all of life's issues fade away

and the only thing you can do is focus on the present, the ride itself. It's

like therapy. This all sounds great but there is a lot that goes into owning a

motorcycle and a couple of things you should do before you take that first


Here are ten things to do before riding a motorcycle that novices and

experienced riders need to know:

#1. Get Protective gear down highways

Safety should be your number one

priority. But a motorcyclist's gear does

more than keep him or her safe; it also

protects them from the elements.

#2. Get Insurance down highways

Motorcycle insurance is cheaper than

conventional car insurance. It is important

to be insured in case you have an


#3. Know all the important parts on your motorcycle down highways

It is important to learn all you can about

the different parts that keep your bike

going smoothly. Do a check to see that

everything is there and in perfect

condition. Many motorcycle accidents

happen because of a minor part missing.

You'd be surprised by how something as

simple as a missing screw can get you

careening off the road and cause serious

harm to your body and your motorcycle.

#4. Check your oil and fuel levels down highways

Always make sure that your bike is

topped up with the right oils and that

you have enough fuel to get from one

point to another and avid running out of

petrol in the middle of nowhere. Check

for oil leaks.

#5. Check the Filter down highways

Ensure that the air filter in your motorcycle

is clean A dirt encrusted filter will affect

the engine performance.

#6. Check the battery down highways

If you have a sealed type battery then

make sure everything is tight, if not make

sure the cells are filled with fluid and

check for leaks.

#7. Inspect the chain down highways

The chain or shaft is an important part of

your bike. Without it, you wouldn't be

able to go forward. It needs to fit

properly. So before you get on the

motorcycle, check how tight the chain is.

If it's too tight it will make throttle

input difficult. Make sure that is it is

sufficiently lubricated.

#8. Check your braking system down highways

Check for leaks in the brake lines. You

should also check your brake pads and

avoid running with worn out pads. These

can end up damaging your rotors.

#9. Check your tires down highways

Before you get on your bike to ride check

your tire pressure as well as the depth of

the tread.

#10. Test your lights and turn signals down highways

Make sure that your lights and turn signals

work as they should, this includes tail light,

hi-lo- beams light and even your license

plate light.

CONCLUSION down highways

When it comes to mechanical parts and the things that

make a motorcycle run smoothly, you need to be vigilant

and check that things are as they should be even after the

ride. If you do this you will be able to spot problems

whilst they are still insignificantly small. Leaving problems

unfixed could cause deeper, complex issues.

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