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Various Types Of Artificial Grass - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Artificial turf is a surface of synthetic fibers made to look like normal grass. Synthetic turf is typically introduced in places where it is impossible for grass to develop, or it is hard for grass to be kept up. Read more.

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Various types of artificial grass



Introduction of Artificial and Synthetic turf:

Artificial turf is a surface of syntheticfibers made to look like normal grass. Syntheticturf is typically

introduced in places where it is impossible for grass to develop, or it is hard for grass to be kept up.

The most recent trend of synthetic turf is a grass-like ground cover that duplicates rich natural grass in

appearance and function. At the point when utilized on athletic fields, it gives a steady year-round, all-

climate playing surface worked to withstand broadened use without downtime for recuperation. As a

landscape cover, synthetic turf gives a low upkeep, weedfree surface that doesn't requireto be watered

or fertilized, and is accessible in styles that resemble the grass types that are common locally.

Synthetic turf characteristics:

Synthetic turf is now turning a trend in sports field construction. This is because synthetic turf doesn’t

need to be cared for and maintained the way that natural grass does. Plus, the use of synthetic turf can

actually save you a significant amount of money. This is because you don’t ever need to fertilize, mow,

and water your field again. Synthetic turf is also known as artificial turf. You can say thatthis artificial turf

is gaining popularity day by day.

Artificial turf is currently turning into a trend in playground development. This is on account of the fact

that manufactured turf doesn't need to be administered to and kept up the way that characteristic grass

needs to. In addition, the utilization of engineered turf can really spare you a lot of cash. This is on the

grounds that you absolutely never need to treat, cut, and water your field again.

Throughout recent years, synthetic grass has been utilized as an alternative to natural grass. Not only

does synthetic grass stay green all year long, but it also aids in multiple aspects of environmental

conservation. Synthetic grass increases playing and practice time because they can be used daily and in

all types of weather, without worry of damage. Playability is enhanced since the fields remain uniform

and consistent, season after season. It takes only 6 to 12 hours for installation of synthetic grass.

Fake grass applications:

Fake grass is being used in the landscape and recreation market. Thousands of homes, businesses, golf

courses, municipalities, parks and tourist attractions like Disneyland have turned to fake grass to provide

a lush, attractive landscape solution that requires minimal resources and maintenance while saving

millions of gallons of water each year. It is also a smart way to beautify public spaces such as highway

medians and airport landing strips that would otherwise be difficult and expensive to maintain.

This Artificial grass promotes greater utilization of land, as you can do more with the same surface than

with natural grass. Rooftops once deemed unusable for high rises and residential buildings can now

feature inviting green area.

Nowadays Landscapinghas a big impact on curb-appeal and property value, so it is important it looks

healthy all year long. Artificial grass makes this easy on property owners, as it doesn’t require

the maintenance or water that natural grass requires. In addition, you can stylize synthetic grass in ways

that add a sense of luxury to your property, which can protect and even increase the value of your

Various types of artificial grass


property – especially during a time of drought and water restrictions. The benefits of installing fake grass

in your lawn are enormous.


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