the splendor of box scroll invitations n.
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The Splendor Of Box Scroll Invitations PowerPoint Presentation
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The Splendor Of Box Scroll Invitations

The Splendor Of Box Scroll Invitations

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The Splendor Of Box Scroll Invitations

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  1. The Splendor Of Box Scroll Invitations

  2. Box scroll invitations are a special way of inviting your guests. They have a unique appearance that is both memorable and attractive. These specially-crafted invitations can be presented for any formal occasion such as a wedding, Sweet 16 celebration, engagement or religious function.

  3. What makes box scrolls so special? Unique Presentation Format: Box scrolls have a regal quality to them. They were extensively used during the Mughal period. This type of invitation was exchanged between members of the royal family, nobility and upper classes. It was typically given to announce an upcoming marriage or religious ceremony. Unlike a typical card, box scrolls entail opening an actual box and unrolling a scroll similar to a Farman card. In addition, most invitations today involve a card and envelope. However, with a box scroll, the recipient receives a box which in itself is special.

  4. Easy to Customize: This type of invitation is easy to customize. You may add various embellishments to the box as well as the scroll inside. Some popular embellishments include stones, jewels, zari, sequins, feathers, tassels and ribbons. You may also include religious and cultural motifs. Create a Memorable Impression: When guests receive your box scroll invitations, it will definitely create a memorable impression. It sets the tone and mood of your celebrations in the guest’s mind. In fact, many people form an idea of what the wedding celebrations are going to be like based on the invitation. In addition, the very nature of the invite makes it special. Your guests are more likely to save it as keepsakes.

  5. Uncommon Invitation Style: Let’s not ignore that box scrolls are an uncommon invitation style. Most couples prefer to hand out wedding cards with envelopes. Handing out a box scroll is rare. If you are a couple who likes to do things differently and be remembered for it, then a box scroll is your best bet. At Indian Wedding Card, we feature a wide range of box scroll invitations ranging from contemporary to traditional, with numerous customization options. Give us the honor of being your official wedding announcement. Get in touch with us today!

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