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How to incorporate Lantern to your Wedding Theme PowerPoint Presentation
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How to incorporate Lantern to your Wedding Theme

How to incorporate Lantern to your Wedding Theme

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How to incorporate Lantern to your Wedding Theme

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  1. How to incorporate Lantern to your Wedding Theme? Any wedding is not complete without the colours and lights involved. While some like snazzy lighting, others go for subtler options which make the special eve charming and elegant. Whatever your taste, lanterns are something which enchants everyone because of its amazing glow that is bright enough but soft as well. Believe it or not, lanterns can make for an excellent theme for your wedding.

  2. Venue: Preferably open venue will favour this type of theme. You can opt for a plain field, a lawn or a park to host your wedding. Lantern themed wedding will look best only in the evening or night as the colours of the lanterns will fill the sky.

  3. Wedding decor: Your wedding décor doesn’t have to be something specific as you will make it stand out by the use of lanterns. Place lanterns all over the venue to make sure each and every part is well lit, especially the stage and the food stalls. Try to avoid any artificial lighting but if it is required, keep it to the minimum and avoid using at the centre.

  4. Wedding invitation card: Your scroll wedding invitation card is your way to express your theme to your guests. Make it special by shaping it in the form of a lantern with the flame enclosing the couple’s name. Or you can go for unique wedding invite but with a background full of lanterns.

  5. Seating arrangements: Seating can be arranged such that a group of people or people from same family can sit around round tables with chairs. Lanterns can be hung above each table with labels designated to a specific group. Small paper lanterns can be placed in the center of the table to light up the food served. Wedding Dress: The couple can go for either traditional or modern dressing. A special attraction can be attaching small and light electric lanterns attached to the bottom of the bride’s gown. When the bride walks, it will look as if a trail of light is following her. The Groom can have similar lanterns attached to his suit. As good as this sounds, avoid lanterns with candles as it can lead to a mishap which is the last thing you want. Go for electric ones that use DC battery. They are compact, light and completely safe.

  6. Special Moments: • You can mesmerize your guests and make it special for yourself by incorporating some creative moments thrown in. • Such as when the couple enters, only the lights or lanterns just near them should light up selectively. • The bride and groom can take oath holding two lanterns tied together with flowers. • In the end plan the event such that guests have access to small paper lanterns which they can then set off into the air at the same time at the end of the event.

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