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A Bountiful Harvest of Marketing Tips PowerPoint Presentation
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A Bountiful Harvest of Marketing Tips

A Bountiful Harvest of Marketing Tips

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A Bountiful Harvest of Marketing Tips

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  1. A Bountiful Harvestof Marketing Tips An ACEware webinar

  2. Let’s Start with the Phundamentals… The Four “P”’s of Marketing • Product • Place • Promotion • Price

  3. How to be a GREAT marketer! How to be a Marketing Genius: 1% Inspiration 99 % Perspiration WORK at it! Genius

  4. Focus on your customers!putting it another way . . .

  5. Plow your own GroundFirst--

  6. The Parable of John Jones To sell John Jones what John Jones Buys ….. You must see the world through John Jones’ eyes

  7. … How do you understand YOUR “John Jones”? STATISTICAL REPORTING…….

  8. Put all your eggs in one basket Keep all your mailing lists in one place – Student Manager!

  9. Codes, codes, codes!

  10. Testimonials are: Awesome… according to Ralph Elliott Scintilating and Persuasive.. Says Lauri Quite Effective Old Chap.. Says Sir Chuck

  11. It’s smart to put freebieson your website

  12. What is social marketing? Rather than feeding info from the top down, listening to the needs and desires of the target audience, & building the program based on feedback Learning what people want and need, rather than trying to persuade them to buy what we happen to be producing. Social marketing talks & listens to the consumer

  13. Lame ducks & Lame course descriptions Excel is one of the most powerful and frequently used tools in the Office package. Get the most out of Excel by learning to create, edit, and print basic Excel documents! Try this! Highlight the material you want to chart. Touch F11 on the keyboard Voila! Want more? Join us for Excel.

  14. How often are you in touch with your customers?

  15. Are you driving customers to your website?

  16. Get good at Google & SEO& all the data analysis availablein Student Manager

  17. Email & Don’t Stop! • 35 characters or less in the subject line • Keep the subject line simple: We want you back works better than offering savings, freebies, lower prices, benefits or a mysterious teaser • Send follow-ups – thanks for attending • Make emails personal (personalized emails, and segmenting lists will be prime topics at our spring conferences) • Make it a department goal to increase your mailing list by 30% this year. • Maintained in-house lists can be up to 35% more effective than purchased lists.

  18. Marketing Expense Fact Traditional marketing is generally much more expensive than online marketing by as much as 70%

  19. But how would you know? ? ? • By TRACKING YOUR MARKETING • Source Code – on Name • Tracking Code – On Registration • … and RUNNING THE *#$%^ Reports

  20. Meet with staffto discussmarketing strategies & goals

  21. Don’t forget to buy lunch once in a while

  22. A few last thoughts • Know your top dogs and mark them in the database with popup comments • Pay-per-click marketing and social networking might be good marketing class projects • Be on the lookout for opportunities to spread the word!

  23. Other Marketing Resources Focused on e-Marketing Other Good Stuff…. Ralph Elliott –Successful Marketing of Conferences and Seminars.. Don’t forget the ACEware Webinar Archives….

  24. End of Year Cleanup Tuesday, December 16 10:30 – 11:30 am