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Islam. Madeline Hawkins. Spread of Islam. The Spread of Islam began in 500 C.E. When Prophet Muhammad began preaching the revelations of God. . Origins of Islam . The credit for originating Islam goes to Muhammad. Before Muhammad, the Qur’an states it was given by god.

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Madeline Hawkins

Spread of islam
Spread of Islam

The Spread of Islam began in 500 C.E. When Prophet Muhammad began preaching the revelations of God.

Origins of islam
Origins of Islam

  • The credit for originating Islam goes to Muhammad.

  • Before Muhammad, the Qur’an states it was given by god.

  • There are conflicting stories about how Islam originated between Muhammad, Secular history, or the Qur’an.

Background of muhammad
Background of Muhammad

  • Considered the greatest man to have ever lived

  • “Ultimate example of human existence”

  • Born in 570 A.D in Mecca

  • Went on voyages that exposed

    Him to Jewish and Christian


Secular history
Secular History

  • The main idea of Secular History is a man’s destiny to the future evolution of earth.

  • 1933, humanist were positively looking forward to the potential future human race.

  • Looking back on Secularism they cannot see why it was looked at so optimistically.

  • The separation of religion and politics.

Islamic belief
Islamic Belief

  • The major tenets of Islamic Belief are the five pillars of Islam.


    • Belief

    • Worship

    • Charitable giving

    • Fasting during the month of Ramadan

    • The pilgrimage to Mecca

A practicing muslim
A Practicing Muslim

  • A practicing Muslim must accept the common antithetical obligations that come with the culture.

  • Your expected to fast during the months of Ramadan

  • Praise the Qur'an, testify to Allah as your one true god.

Traditional prayer
Traditional Prayer

  • Traditional prayer is called a Salat.

  • A Salat is when you pray five times each day, once at dawn, midday, afternoon, sunset and evening.

  • Each area has it’s own pray calendars to arrange times perfectly with the sun and times of day.

  • During Salat you must repeatedly

    wash your face, hands and feet.

Afghan politics
Afghan Politics

  • In Afghanistan they have a council of ministers.

  • Along with a nation assembly and a President.

  • President is HamidKarzai, picture below

The five principles
The Five Principles

  • 1. Trilogy : a collection of three books, describing the traditions of the Mohammed

  • 2. Political Islam: describes the relationship with the Karifs

  • 3. Karifs: non-believers of the religion

  • 4. Dualism: the separation of worship

  • 5. Submission: Islam means submission

Afghan life
Afghan Life

  • In Afghanistan there are multiple ethnic groups.

  • There are small villages, some have no schools, stores, or city government.

  • Most houses are made with mud-bricks.

  • Baggy trousers is the traditional attire.

  • Most diets consist of Nan bread, soups, fruits and vegetables. Sometimes rice and meats.

  • Jobs in the villages consist of work in fields and harvesting.

Role of islam in afghan life
Role of Islam in Afghan life

  • Islam affects the peoples everyday lives in Afghanistan because prayer is a very important thing.

  • Most people revolve their days around their pray schedules with the sun.

  • Depending on where you live in villages depends on if you have a religious or nonreligious job.

  • Some cites don’t have city government therefore, there might not be completely controlled.

The qur an
The Qur’an

  • The Qur’an is the religious text of Islam.

  • Muslims believe it is the verbatim words from god.

  • They believe the Qur’an was explained over 23 years.

  • Qur’an is basically known as the book o guidance for the Muslim people or anybody who practices Islam.


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