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Eid-ul Fitr 1434 (aka 2013) PowerPoint Presentation
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Eid-ul Fitr 1434 (aka 2013)

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Eid-ul Fitr 1434 (aka 2013) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Majlis As- S hura of Essex & Union County Masjid Ahlus Sunnah|Masjid Darul Islaam|Masjid As- H abul Yameen|Masjid Wadud|Masjid Bani Adam. Eid-ul Fitr 1434 (aka 2013). Mission of the Majlis As- Shura of Essex & Union County.

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Eid-ul Fitr 1434 (aka 2013)

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Majlis As-Shura of Essex & Union CountyMasjid Ahlus Sunnah|Masjid Darul Islaam|Masjid As-Habul Yameen|Masjid Wadud|Masjid Bani Adam

Eid-ulFitr 1434 (aka 2013)

mission of the majlis as shura of essex union county
Mission of the Majlis As-Shura of Essex & Union County
  • MajlisAs-shuraof Essex & Union County was formulated to bring about Islamic unity and promote economic stability through cooperative effort.
      • And hold fast, all together, by the rope of Allah,And be not divided among yourselves;And remember with gratitude Allah’s favor on you;For ye were enemies and he joined your hearts in love, so that by his grace,Ye became brethren; and ye were on the brink of the pit of the fire,And he saved you from it.Thus doth Allah make his signs clear to you:  That ye may be guided. Sura 3 Ayaat 103
  • Our primary mission is to foster unity cooperating on Birr waTaqwah (goodness and piety) while assisting cooperating organizations in the economic development of their respective facility, i.e. physical structure, educational, dawah & community building programs,  along with a consensus effort to promote the guidance of the Qu’ran and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad born in Arabia over 1400 years ago (SAWS).
eid ul fitr 1434
  • As our mission states we want to promote Muslim unity and economic stability through cooperative effort.
  • Offering this cooperative Eid event is a key part of that mission.
  • The Eid celebration will be open to all communities not just member organizations and we expect to service 4000 plus Muslims on that day Insha’Allah.
  • Our last successful Eid of this scale was Eid-ulFitr 1433 (2012) and we serviced approximately 4000 believers on that day with a budget of approximately $30,000. We have also successfully collaborated on several other smaller Eid events numbering approximately 2500 believers.
eid ul fitr 1434 planned activity summary
Eid-ulFitr 1434 Planned Activity Summary
  • Day of the Eid
    • Eid Prayer 8:00 AM at Warnico Park, 1963St. George Ave, Roselle New Jersey
    • Free food all day
    • Six large Inflatable attractions including rock climbing and jousting. Possible Mechanical Rides depending on support.
    • Pedal boating (fee) & fishing (bring your own equipment)
    • Field games such as soccer, baseball, cricket & basketball courts
    • Playground and Spray Pool for young children
    • Gift distribution for children 10 and under
    • Dawah material available for the public

Click for directions going Garden State Parkway South

eid ul fitr 1434 planned activity summary cont
Eid-ulFitr 1434 Planned Activity Summary cont.
  • Saturday August 10th
    • Area Soccer Tournament 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM short 2 block walk from Masjid Darul Salaam Elizabeth NJ.
      • $100 Registration fee per team (subject to change)
    • Refreshments will be sold
    • Open air vending at Masjid Darul Salaam
    • Small inflatable bounce house for children 12 and under. Suggested donation $5 per child or $20 per family.
how can you help
How Can You Help
  • Please join us individually or as a community for this joyous event
  • Our member organization are gladly contributing an enormous amount of volunteer and economic resources to ensure a good memorable day for all, especially focusing on our children
  • We ask that you please make dua for our success and please donate generously to this effort.
  • You may also ask us about advertising displays
  • If you are coming as a community please let us know in advance to help with planning
  • Please contact us by calling (908) 965-2010 or email us at
  • Link to directions to the park
  • Link to map of park
  • Link to MAEU Website
  • Link to pictures of proposed attractions