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B2B Meetings Applicants Executive Summary S eptember 17th, 2014 Rencontres internationales de la Silver Economy. GENERAL GUIDELINES LESS IS MORE. So be brief. Your contact will rarely take time to read more than 2 pages.

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General guidelines

B2B Meetings

ApplicantsExecutiveSummarySeptember17th, 2014

Rencontres internationales de la SilverEconomy


  • LESS IS MORE. So be brief. Your contact will rarely take time to read more than 2 pages.

  • Don’t repeat yourself. There is one specific place for each aspect of your company. Clear, concise language is key.

  • Speak to businessmen, not engineers. You will often meet with business development teams that, while knowledgeable of your industry, may not have engineering backgrounds and are just as interested in the benefits of your technology as its technical aspects/features (if not more). Thus, they need a clear explanation of a problem, and a clear explanation of the solution you propose. In other words, the “story” surrounding your product needs to pique their interest!

  • Develop an elevator pitch. At the end of this, if there is one thing your reader should remember, what is it? Your tagline should convey this, and be the document’s guiding force.

    You only get one chance at a first impression. Aesthetics and grammar are extremely important. Failure to present your company in a professional manner drastically reduces your chances of selection, no matter how innovative your technology!

    Good Luck!!!

General guidelines

Company logo


  • Contact information

  • Contact Name

  • Company Address

  • Company Website

  • Contact Phone

  • Contact Email

  • Executive Team

  • Person Name, Title

  • Brief biography (6 lines max)

  • Person Name, Title

  • Brief biography (6 lines max)

  • Problem addressed (~120 words) : problem title (ex: Mobile payments are not ubiquitous)

  • What problem are you addressing?

  • Who suffers from this problem? (this is your target market)

  • What solutions currently exist? What is wrong with them (i.e. too costly? Time consuming?)

  • Mention key metrics, when relevant. The more statistics you can cite, the more convincing your case will be.

  • Tell a story. At the end of this description, the need for a solution should seem obvious. Your reader should be so convinced of the presence/gravity of this problem that he is determined to find one, and is excited to discover yours.

  • Solution (~ 350 words) : solution title (ex: A device agnostic mobile payment solution )

  • Concisely describe what your product/service is (software, hardware, SAAS, platform, a network?), does, and for whom.

  • What are the features of your solution?

  • What are the benefits of each feature?

  • What makes you stand out from the competition? Have you clearly solved the problem you listed in Part 1?

  • Mention key metrics, where relevant. For example:

  • Amount of money or time your client will save/earn with your product/service

  • Average return on investment for your customers

  • Time needed to install or adopt your solution

Company Name – Company Address – Company Phone Number – Company Website

General guidelines

  • Key facts

  • Major indicators of company progress, both in Asia (or US) and Europe, such as:

  • Major Clients/Partners

  • Significant # of customers reached / products sold

  • Total funding to date

  • Total revenue

  • Growth rate

  • Customer retention, customer lifetime value

  • Relationship with your contact in the past?

  • Year

  • Division / Group

  • Person Name, Title

  • Name of your technology

  • Additional info

  • Major Investors

  • Board of Directors / Board of Advisors

  • Anything else you feel strongly represents the growth of your company

  • Press articles

  • References made by research market companies

  • Technology (~120 words)

  • Briefly detail what the technical aspects of your solution are (technologies based on, features, architecture, patents).:

  • What are the technologies your product relies on?

  • What is the architecture?

  • Amount of time/resources invested in developing your technology/product?

  • Has a patent been filed/delivered?

  • Is your technology proprietary?

Case Study (~250 words) : Use case title (ex: P2P money transfer service for banking customers)

This is the best way for your prospects to understand your value.

Present a significant case study for your technology, as it is used in your target sector(s) (Medical, Military, Consumer, etc.).

If you already have references or customer testimonials that you can mention, please add them here.

Feel free to use a diagram if relevant.

Company Name – Company Address – Company Phone Number – Company Website

General guidelines

screenshots / diagram (Optional)

Add visual information about your product if it is relevant.

Company Name – Company Address – Company Phone Number – Company Website