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Welcome Back!

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Welcome Back!. This is a slideshow about how we are going to excel together in class this year. What ’ s Inside. Learning Target: I can paraphrase each classroom procedure when called upon. Agenda: Learn the classroom procedures and guidelines Activity: Get to know each other

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Welcome Back!' - scott-chen

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welcome back

Welcome Back!

This is a slideshow about how we are going to excel together in class this year.

what s inside
What’s Inside
  • Learning Target:
    • I can paraphrase each classroom procedure when called upon.
  • Agenda:
    • Learn the classroom procedures and guidelines
    • Activity: Get to know each other
    • A friendly quiz
about me
About Me
  • I enjoy reading, writing, hiking, photography, gardening, drawing, playing music,
  • I am a Christian who views teaching as a calling.
  • I scooped stalls and put up hay as a kid and paid my bills through college by landscaping
about me1
About Me
  • I have had poems published and hope to publish a story or two before it’s all over 
  • I went to school in one county and lived in another
what about you
What about you?

1) Something I’m good at is…

2) I wish I could learn about _________ in school.

about me2
About Me
  • I enjoy challenges! I’m competitive and creative and love to learn new stuff.
  • My anger cues: red face, stiff shoulders or back, flared nostrils, set jaw, blow out breath, raised eyebrows, “you know what?”
about me3
About Me

Are these anger triggers fair to others?

Some of them, no….

But that’s true of anyone’s triggers!


3) What are your anger cues?

4) What are your anger triggers?

every day
Every Day

On the board you will find:

  • learning target
  • agenda
  • bell work

Your job is to get settled and begin your bell work when class starts. Lunch time is the time for catching up with your friends 


Pencils are in the cup at the front of the room. I will try to keep them sharpened ahead of time.

Help yourself when I am not giving instruction.


what ve you got in here mr i b
What’ve You Got In Here, Mr. I-B?
  • I’m glad you asked!
  • I spy…..
    • Dictionaries & Thesauri
    • Textbooks and Supplement
    • A sink
    • Student computer
    • TV and movie player

5) Something I need to get better at in school/English is …..

6) By the time I graduate, I want to be able to…


I spy…

    • Potted plant
    • Word wall
    • Venn diagram wall thingy
    • Art supplies
    • Student interest library
    • Pencil Sharpener!

I spy…

    • Celebration and student work boards
    • Motivational posters
    • Newspaper and magazine crate
    • Posterboard
    • Turn in trays
your stuff
Your Stuff

Don’t block the aisles

Binders/folders on blue shelf

moving about
Moving About

Do not wander around during direct instruction. I will try to provide short stretch breaks so you won’t rot away or freak out.

If we’re going to the media center or something, wait for my dismissal, and stick to the right hand wall in the hallways. We travel as one. You must be within 15 feet of me always.


7) I want to ________ for a living.

8) Life after high school seems ______ because ______

at the end of class
At the End of Class

1) put your materials away and return borrowed pencils

2) trash in the trash can

3) Bring your point sheet to my desk to be signed

4) Wait quietly away from the door. No mobs.


The teacher dismisses class, not the bell.

  • You are not dismissed until I sign your process points and say you may go.
  • I will not sign your points later in the day unless it was my mistake.
turning in work
Turning In Work

At the back of the room, there are three metal trays.

You are responsible for getting your work into the correct tray on time.

Do not hand me your work. I may lose it.

catching up
Catching Up
  • If you come in late, refer to the red pouch by the door.
    • It has today’s work in it so that you can pick up with the class.
catching up1
Catching Up
  • If you are absent, refer to your own hanging file folder in the class file box.
  • Check the long pouch by the door, too.
  • Also ASK ME what you missed in case there are verbal things you need to know
catching up2
Catching Up

You are responsible for collecting your work and asking questions about it.

catching up3
Catching Up

“The number of days allowed to complete make-up work will be equal to the number of school days the student was absent plus one additional day.” (Code of Conduct, pg. 9)

Do not let a partial credit opportunity become a “0”


catching up4
Catching Up

As per the student handbook, “Notes must be turned in within 5 days of absence in order to be counted.” (pg. 5)

If you miss class, excused or unexcused,

you will fall behind. I know. I’ve done it.

Try not to do it.


Aunt Bert says: “Even if you’re tired, come to school, and your life will be easier in the long run.”


9) What is your favorite memory with a parent or loved one?

10) My favorite thing to read about is (technology, animals, etc.)

11) My favorite genre is (fiction, newspaper, etc.)

  • Discovery teaches us to advocate for ourselves. Please do this in adult mode and at the appropriate time.
  • Just raise your hand for help or to ask a question.

There are lots of different kinds of learners in this room, but none are “smarter” than others.

Force yourself to ask questions!!!!

This has nothing to do with personality or intelligence; it is a strategy that anyone can use and improve


In high school and college, I made myself ask questions when I was stuck or unsure.


It felt silly at the time, but I often noticed that people were writing down the teacher’s answer….

What do you think that means?

my desk
My Desk
  • The room ambassador or other assigned person may answer the phone if I’m not behind my desk, but you should never be behind my desk. The Sarlacc lives there.


learning climate
Learning Climate
  • As per the student handbook, “Passing Discovery is not the end of using it; we expect all staff and students to continue “living Discovery” at all times.” (pg. 9)
learning climate1
Learning Climate

I never remember the lessons I taught.

I remember what students said and did!

Without your participation, this is just an empty shell.


If you sit like a bump on a log, classes will probably not be interesting, and you won’t be able to pass the class.

If you say to yourself, “how can I strive to learn something today and help others do the same?” then we’ll have a great time.

ice breaker time
Ice Breaker Time!

Pair up with your shoulder partner and learn 3 cool facts about him/her, then introduce to the class. (60 seconds apiece, then 30 seconds per introduction)

If time: 4 truths and a lie

  • Who can tell me….
before you leave
Before You Leave…
  • Stand at your seat with the surrounding area cleaned.
  • Get your process points signed.
  • Take home the Parent Letter, and bring it back to me tomorrow with your parents’ signatures!
equipment and tools
Equipment and Tools
  • You need to be trained on using equipment before using it.
  • Tools are not toys; use them well and you will enjoy the privilege.

There are right and wrong ways to use them. The wrong ways are wrong because they are unsafe for us and for the tools.

  • The tools will be stored in the shed, with the exception of a few pots, seeds, and grow lights and heat mats.

Proper use of tools is about being employable, and is about dignity and respect.

  • Our goal is to be the finest gardening and landscaping workforce in the area; we must learn to act like it.

Your use of tools will be reflected in your daily process points as well as performance based scoring rubrics in the gradebook. I will provide these rubrics to you.