vespasian titus domitian n.
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Vespasian, Titus, Domitian

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Vespasian, Titus, Domitian. By Winn Perrett. VESPASIAN. Born in 9 AD – died 79 AD Emporer from 69-79 AD Suceeded Nero who died in 68 AD Came to power after Year of Four Emporers Restored peace and stability to empire in disarray Established Flavian dynasty. Vespasian’s rise to power.

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Presentation Transcript
  • Born in 9 AD – died 79 AD
  • Emporer from 69-79 AD
  • Suceeded Nero who died in 68 AD
  • Came to power after Year of Four Emporers
  • Restored peace and stability to empire in disarray
  • Established Flavian dynasty
vespasian s rise to power
Vespasian’s rise to power
  • After death of Gaius in AD 41, Vespasian advanced rapidly, thanks to Claudius who took over power
  • In 51 AD Vespasian reached the rank of consul
  • Resigned from political career for unknown reasons at this point
  • Returned to politics when chosen proconsul of Africa in 63-64 AD
  • Returned to Rome and became a senior senator in Nero’s court
  • In 66 AD Nero gave Vespasian a special command to put down the revolt in Judea
  • In 68 AD Nero committed suicide, bringing chaos to the empire for the next 18 months
year of four emporers
Year of Four Emporers
  • After Nero died in 68 AD there were four emperors who claimed the position of emperor
  • Galba, Marcus Salvius Otho and Aulus Vitellus each claimed the position of emperor
  • By December 22, 69 AD Vespasian had fully assumed all of the titles and powers of the emperor
  • Vespasian legitimized his new reign with vigor and he also promoted the principle of dynastic succession
vespasian s emperorship
Vespasian’s Emperorship
  • Rebuilt the Capitol in Rome and built the Coliseum, a temple to Claudius and a temple of peace in the forum
  • Raised taxes to pay for the building projects and was not well liked in doing that
  • Died peacefully at Aquae Cutilae on June 23, 79 AD
  • Deified in Rome and buried alongside the Julio-Claudians in the Mausoleum of Augustus


  • Born on December 30, 39 AD; one of three children of Vespasian
  • Close friends with Claudius’ son Brittanicus from boyhood until Brittanicus’ death under Nero in 55 AD
  • Early career posts remain obscure but in 61(?) AD he served as a military tribune. While in Britain he is said to have saved Vespasian’s life.
  • Returning to rome in 64 AD Titus practiced law and little is known about his political career during this time.
  • In 67-68 AD Vespasian placed Titus at the head of a legion during the Jewish Revolt
  • After Nero died in 68 AD little is heard from Titus during the year of four emperors except when he sieged Jerusalem
titus reign
Titus’ Reign
  • Titus was feared as the next Nero
  • He poured capital into extensive building projects including the Coliseum and the Arch of Titus
  • He also poured money into relieving distress in the area surrounding Mount Vesuvius from the eruption in 79 AD
  • Died in 81 AD in same villa as his father
  • Domitian diefied Titus and built several monuments to him incluyding the Temple of Vespasian and Titus.