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Regional Modeling of Dust M ass B alance and Radiative F orcing over East Asia using WRF- Chem. Objective

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Regional Modeling of Dust Mass Balance and Radiative Forcing over East Asia using WRF-Chem
  • Objective
  • Evaluate the WRF-Chem simulation of dust over East Asia, while characterizing the spatial and temporal variations of dust and its direct radiative forcing and quantifying the contributions of various model processes to dust mass balance
  • Approach
  • Conduct regional simulations over East Asia with the WRF-Chemmodel
  • Evaluate the simulations with various observations from group and space
  • Examine the spatial and temporal variations of dust and its radiative forcing over East Asia
  • Quantify the contributions of model processes to dust mass balance

Schematic of the main processes of dust aerosols in the Earth system.

  • Impact
  • WRF-Chemgenerally reasonably reproduces various observations, and some model biases are identified
  • Dry deposition and transport processes are the two major sinks of dust over source regions, while over other regions, dry and wet depositions are the comparable dominant sinks, and dust column mass concentration is mainly contributed by transport and reaches maximum in spring
  • First time estimates the dust direct radiative forcing over different regions of East Asia and provides annual and seasonal mean values

Chen S, C Zhao, Y Qian, LR Leung, J Huang, Z Huang, J Bi, W Zhang, J Shi, L Yang, D Li, and J Li. 2014. “Regional Modeling of Dust Mass Balance and Radiative Forcing over East Asia using WRF-Chem.” Aeolian Research, early online. DOI:10.1016/j.aeolia.2014.02.001