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the roku remote not working n.
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The Roku Remote Not Working 1-877-204-5559 PowerPoint Presentation
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The Roku Remote Not Working 1-877-204-5559

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The Roku Remote Not Working 1-877-204-5559
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The Roku Remote Not Working 1-877-204-5559

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  1. The ‘Roku Remote Not Working’ SUPPORT FOR ROKU Call (Toll-Free) -1-877-204-5559

  2. support roku com support • Today, we are going to let you know some common solutions for fixing the Roku remote not working problem. You can implement these solutions on any of the Roku model given you must check out the type of Roku remote you are using. Roku mainly develops two types of remotes. One is standard IR remote and another one is Roku enhanced remote. Depending on the type of remote you are using, you can implement the steps accordingly.

  3. The solution for Normal IR Roku remote: • Check the signal: The line of communication between standard IR remote and Roku device is a must. If there is any obstruction or hindrance preventing the signal from reaching the Roku device from Roku remote, then you may find the problem. Remove all the objects from the area and check if your remote started working or not. If you are still facing the problem, then move to the next troubleshooting step.

  4. www support roku com • Reset batteries: To reset the batteries, you need to open the back cover of remote and remove batteries from inside. Wait for a few seconds and insert the batteries again into the device. Check if it solves your purpose or not.

  5. www roku com support • Change batteries: This is the final steps for troubleshooting the Remote problem. Change the batteries and replace with the new one. You can buy the new batteries from any store. You must check the size of the battery prior to buying it. • Remove old batteries and insert a new one. Don’t forget to clean the surface after before inserting new batteries. This will resolve the problem.

  6. Fix for enhanced Roku remote: • Restart device and remote: In Roku enhanced remote, most of the problems related to the device and remote get fixed by restarting them. To restart your Roku, simply unplug it and disconnect from the power supply and remove batteries from the Roku remote. Connect the Roku again to the power supply and check the TV screen. When you find the Roku screen on your TV, then try changing the screen options by pressing any button from Roku remote.

  7. roku support • Re-pairing of remote: After connecting the Roku again to the power supply and inserting the batteries again to the Roku remote, you can re-pair the remote easily by long pressing the pairing button from the Roku remote. You will find the home screen of Roku on the TV screen. When you press the pairing button, a light will start blinking on the remote indicating the pairing is successfully done. Check if the problem is resolved or not.

  8. www roku com link • Replace batteries: If step 2 even doesn’t solve your problem, then you can go for replacement of batteries. To replace the batteries, remove the old batteries from the remote and place new batteries instead. Disconnect the Roku device from the power source once and connect it to the supply again after 10 seconds. Once the Roku screen appears, try pressing any button from the Roku enhanced remote. If it starts working, then it’s OK