how to configure an american roku box outside the united states n.
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Roku setup - Configure Roku Box outside the united states PowerPoint Presentation
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Roku setup - Configure Roku Box outside the united states

Roku setup - Configure Roku Box outside the united states

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Roku setup - Configure Roku Box outside the united states

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  1. How to configure an American Roku box outside the United States? Call Toll Free +1-855-293-0942

  2. Roku comSupport – About us • We assist our customers in getting the best Roku setup, Roku activation link code service and other Roku services through our in-depth knowledge and significant experience. We are prompt and concise with our technical support, so that customers don’t have to spend hours and hours sorting the issues that befall their Roku devices. Call Toll Free +1-855-293-0942

  3. Requirements: All the things you need to start the process are discussed below: All the things you need to start the process are discussed below: • Roku box or stick: This is an official Roku device. • A compatible DNS service that should work during the set-up stage as well as with the channels. • A router with DNS configured settings. Call Toll Free +1-855-293-0942

  4. Follow the Step by Step Instructions to configure Roku outside US.

  5. Register on fully compatible DNS service: • This smart service is only required when you want to use your box outside the United States. • If you have already completed this step, then there is no need to repeat it, just skip this step and move to next one. • If you have not registered on smart DNS yet, then you can choose 14 days trial from Getflix now app.

  6. Setup the Router for DNS service • Open the router guide and read all the instructions related to setting up of DNS service. • Login as an administrator on your Router. • Check the settings that allows you to manually add a DNS address. You will find these settings in ‘advanced’ tab or under ‘DHCP’ settings. • Enter the DNS address provided by the getflix on your router.

  7. Create a Roku account • Next step is to create an account on www Roku com link. Some people get stuck at this point because they keep on opening the previously setup account. • But we want to tell you here that you will have to create a new account for configuring DNS service on it. • If Roku not connecting to the DNS service, then this might be one of the reason for your problem.

  8. Connect the Roku to power • Remove the Roku box from the packing and connect it to the power source. Follow the instructions strictly that are being displayed on the screen. • You may require to perform factory reset here if your Roku fails to start. For this, you will require Roku remote. Press the remote keys according to the pattern given in the manual. • However, if the Roku remote not working, then check the batteries of your remote and see if there is any hindrance in between the remote and IR sensor of your device. Call Toll Free +1-855-293-0942

  9. Follow the Roku setup procedure • You will receive set-up instructions on TV screen. Follow these instructions carefully and implement accordingly. These instructions are a part of setup process of your Roku device. • If you are not able to see the instructions on a screen then check the HDMI connections on the back of your TV. • In case you are getting HDCP unauthorized Rokumessage on your screen, then it is clear from this message that the fault lies within the HDMI cable only. Call Toll Free +1-855-293-0942

  10. Connect the Roku device with Roku account: This is the last step of setup. To connect the Roku with Roku account, follow the below mentioned steps. • Turn on the computer and router, the one which has DNS address configured in it. • You will get a short code from Roku end. • Tap on ‘link a device’ and you will directed to the Roku account verification page. • Enter the short code in the relevant box. • The setup process is completed here. If you are successful, then you can now watch US channels on your TV without any hassle. All the apps like Hulu and Netflix can be easily accessed through Roku device. Call Toll Free +1-855-293-0942

  11. Got any Queries ? Contact us For further information and Roku help Call Toll Free +1-855-293-0942