Biomes of the w rld
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Biomes of the W rld. By: Brittany Harbour. INTRODUCTION. My unit plan on the world biomes will cover the six main land ecosystems: Desert Grassland Arctic Tundra Deciduous Forest Coniferous Forest Tropical Rainforest For each biome, I will discuss the following subtopics:

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Biomes of the w rld

Biomes of the W rld

By: Brittany Harbour


My unit plan on the world biomes will cover the six main land ecosystems:



Arctic Tundra

Deciduous Forest

Coniferous Forest

Tropical Rainforest

For each biome, I will discuss the following subtopics:



Weather patterns




Third Grade

8 to 9 years

Tactile-Kinesthetic Learning


  • SC.O.3.1.6 Support statements with facts found through research from various sources, including technology.

  • SC.O.3.1.7 Use scientific instruments, technology, and everyday materials to investigate the natural world

  • SC.O.3.3.1 Identify that systems are made of parts that interact with one another.

  • SC.O.3.3.2 Use models as representations of real things.

  • SC.O.3.2.22 Identify geographical features using a model or map.

  • SC.O.3.3.4 Given a set of objects, group or order the objects according to an established scheme.

Day 1: Introduction

  • The first day of the unit I will pass out a picture of a different animal from each biome to each student. On the board I will place a landscape picture of each biome and the students will place their animal pictures under the biome they think it belongs. Once everyone is finished, we will go over each animal together, making any corrections. We will also hold a discussion of what the students think the weather consists of for each biome.

  • I will then show the video at[channel]=biomes,discussing each biome to the students to wrap up the lesson for the day.

  • Day 2: DESERT

  • Present powerpoint of subtopics. Discuss as a class.

  • Activity: Draw picture of desert landscape and animal.The student will write a question that interests him/her and research it.

  • Day 3: GRASSLAND

  • I will disuss the three different types: Prairie, Steppe, Savannaand their subtopics.

  • I will locate these types on the map.

  • Activity: Group research assignment for each type. As a class, we will use the research each group has obtained to create three posterboards with each subtopic to hang in the class.


  • Interactive map from

  • Class discussion about questions presented on this website

  • Activity: TUNDRA acrostic poem


  • I will use the map at to locate the Coniferous Forest/Taiga.

  • Activity: I will assign the students to research an animal of their choice found in the Taiga and write a brief summary on that animal. Then they will tell why they chose that particular animal while presenting it to the class.


  • I will use the map at locate the forest.

  • Activity: After discussing both the Coniferous and Deciduous Forests, I will have each student make a Venn-diagram to chart the differences and similarities of each forest. We will discuss this as a class.


  • What do the students know about the rainforest? I will present a smartboard lesson on the rainforest.

  • Rainforest layers handout and discuss. Show the video at .

  • Activity:Wewill discuss the video and I will have each student write down a fact from the video they did not know prior.


  • Every activity completed during the unit will serve as an assessment.

  • On the finalday, I will wrap up the unit by having the students take a biome quiz at the following website:

  • Assign biome diorama and two-paragraph paper.


  • Biome Pictures

  • Interactive Smartboard Presentation

  • Posterboard

  • Websites

  • Rainforest Handout

  • Shoebox

  • Various materials to construct a biome